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I am enthusiastic about the advice. Especially when Brillify I know what I want better than I do myself. The quality of the canvas and the stones are top. The stones have a nice shine.

Katya C
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I am enthusiastic about the overall package, EVERYTHING is just right. Doesn't work, doesn't exist. You can tell that a lot of heart and soul is invested. NEVER anywhere else. Stones, canvas and print TOP.

Sarina B
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This great advice cannot really be put into words. Are always there for you and have a lot of patience. I ordered my first personalized picture and what can I say ... awesome!

Nicole K
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It starts with the super fast contact and ends with the high quality of print and stones. In between there is great, professional advice and friendly treatment from the owners of this shop. It's a bit more expensive, but it's worth it a thousand times over.

Heidi S
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The contact, the advice and the service are huge!

I am so glad I found you guys.

Anita N
St. John
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Great advice, great idea support with personalized pictures, really great quality and super fast reaction as well as implementation, if little stones are missing.

Kerstin H
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Brillify is there for you 24/7. No matter what wishes you have, they are quickly fulfilled without ifs or buts. Always very friendly and personable. I was often disappointed by other shops and wasn't convinced. Now there is only one left for me Brillify! Thank you very much!

Claudia M
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Brillify is simply painting wellness!

Angelica N
Walchsee, Austria
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Personalized pictures only at Brillify. The service, the very nice contact and the end result are simply amazing what is implemented here is sooo great. Of course there are cheaper shops, BUT everything fits here and you are not left alone with problems. 

Renate P

The Brillify Quality Promise

We stand for quality. For our Diamond Paintings, we only work with the best manufacturers. We have already been able to convince thousands of customers of our products. We are there for you around the clock - even on weekends. Furthermore, we have summarized the main answers to Brillify and Diamond Pantings for you here.

This is how diamond painting works

Step 1:

Get the canvas ready & prepare the stones

Step 2:

Match the color of the stones to the appropriate symbol

Step 3:

Press the pencil into the wax, pick up a stone and place it on the appropriate symbol

Step 4:

Hang your picture & admire your work

Diamond painting

Diamond painting has become more and more a popular hobby for young and old in recent years. The reasons for this are obvious: you choose a desired motif and create a decorative favorite motif for yourself or as a gift for loved ones with glittering stones. You can find out what diamond painting is all about here.

What exactly is diamond painting and how does it work?

Diamond painting involves applying small, glittering stones made of resin to a canvas with the help of a pen tip. The motifs are so diverse that it is really easy to find your favorite motif and design it yourself. In order to fix the stones in place, they have to be glued to the canvas. The finally printed design of your choice is ideal afterwards as a decorative stylistic device for your own four walls or as a gift. The handling here is really uncomplicated and very easy: the stones are attached with the help of numbers, symbols or letters and gradually develop into a work of art.

How big is a diamond painting? How many stones does it contain and which one is best for me?

Diamond Paintings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are small motifs that can be edited quickly and there are motifs that are significantly larger, more detailed and more time-consuming. Depending on the size of the motif, the number of stones varies accordingly. So for the beginning you should opt for a rather smaller motif. In this way, it can be quickly weighed whether diamond painting is a suitable hobby or whether the patience for this beautiful activity is lacking.

Is diamond painting suitable for everyone? Is it also a hobby for beginners?

The good news is yes. Diamond painting is so easy that it is a great hobby for beginners. It is roughly based on the principle of painting by numbers, because here, too, the glittering stones are arranged according to a fixed pattern. The motif is fixed from the start and is gradually printed onto the canvas by patiently gluing it.

Can I also have my own favorite motif made?

There are numerous glittering motifs that are ideally suited as a desired motif. However, there is also the possibility of having an individual favorite motif produced as a diamond painting and then sticking it with stones and the tip of the pen. In addition to the motif, the shape and type of the stones can also be freely selected - depending on your own taste and preference.

Is diamond painting a time consuming hobby?

Gluing the glittering stones in place takes time and a little patience. Due to the amount of small diamonds, it can be good that you are busy with a small motif for several hours. The larger the motif, the longer the time that has to be spent on it. Thus, diamond painting is an excellent method to switch off from stressful everyday life and to relax.

Can the diamond painting be framed?

To give your diamond painting the finishing touch, you can frame it perfectly and create a decorative piece of jewelry for your own four walls or as a gift for a loved one. By the way, picture frames without a glass pane are best for this. So the stones do not lose any of their beautiful sparkle.

Diamond painting - a conclusion

If you are looking for a simple, yet beautiful hobby, diamond painting could be just the thing for you. It is child's play to make, individually adaptable and is suitable as a decorative stylistic device or gift. Despite its simplicity, it offers the opportunity to switch off from everyday life and forget about stress. It's a time-consuming hobby that requires patience but is suitable for everyone.