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Diamond painting door wreath - unusual decoration idea

With the diamond painting door wreath you welcome every season and season in style. This decoration for the door combines the fun of handicrafts with stones with a beautiful ornament for the animals. Whether on the house or a room door, the chic wreaths are available in many designs. As a gift idea or as a project for handicraft lessons, this alternative to the typical mural is a good choice. Thanks to various details, you can make your door wreath unique.

What is a diamond painting door wreath?

With diamond painting, small stones are placed in predetermined color fields. They create a 5D effect and show different motifs in a new light. The technique is wonderfully simple and therefore equally suitable for many age groups. Thanks to the specifications, great results are quite easy to achieve, so that you hardly need any creative skills yourself. The craft trend with diamonds is now available in many variants. As a wreath for the door, they are an alternative to decoration with flowers or artificial flowers as well as other plastic figures. First of all, you can get creative yourself and then enjoy the beautiful ornament for a long time. In addition to the template with the door wreath, the right diamond painting pen, small boats for sorting the stones and a little patience are the best prerequisites for achieving a beautiful result. With the round shape, it is also necessary to work piece by piece and only expose smaller adhesive surfaces. You can work your way forward until all the diamonds are in place.

What form is there?

The classic wreath naturally has a round shape. However, many of the diamond painting door wreaths are initially square. This is due to the printed and prepared base. Even so, the corners and cutouts are easy to see. You can cut them away easily with the help of a cutter knife. So you get the typical wreath in a round shape and with a cutout in the middle. Alternatively, the same motif can be used as a mural if you prefer a different decoration option. Other templates with resin are already quite stable and allow even more free shapes. Especially on the front door with a spy or name tag, it is important to choose the wreath in the right shape. This is the best way to place it on the door without disturbing it. More unusual motifs cannot have round cutouts in the middle, but other shapes. When making a decision, you should take various factors into account, such as the design, the size and also the layout and design of the door.

What motifs are there for decoration?

The door wreaths accompany you through the entire year without any problems. They are popular anyway, especially for holidays like Christmas. The diamond painting version is therefore a nice handicraft project or a gift when it comes to the next Christmas party and the like. Those who love the blossoms in spring, but are allergic or do not like artificial flowers, will find floral variants as well as Easter motifs with pebbles. From the rain of leaves in autumn to the party decor, the wreaths inspire with their different styles and moods. In addition to pure plant or decorative motifs such as bows, there are also various figures, for example snowmen, or animals. Even children can enjoy the practical craft idea even more.

How do I get a special result?

If you are looking for a fancy ornament for the door, you can still spice up the wreath. Sparkling stones add a beautiful glitter effect. Especially when the door wreath is hanging on the front door outdoors, it can give a beautiful shine in the sunlight. In fact, many complete sets already have special stones, so that you can get started without any further extras. Just follow the instructions and place the diamond on the given color field. To attach you can also combine different straps according to your own taste. Especially with wooden frames, the fastening can be done with a tape. Depending on the surface and the total weight of the wreath, a suitable adhesive pad that can be removed again can be another way of attaching it. Especially for shorter celebrations and occasions like a birthday, you can adapt your door decorations so quickly.

Who is the diamond painting door wreath suitable for?

Especially with a wreath, the shape of which is already predetermined and no longer needs to be cut out, is suitable for craft fans of all ages. Children from around 8 years of age can do handicrafts well with the stones. Older creative minds also have a relaxing occupation. Therefore, the door wreaths are beautiful community projects. Not only around Christmas, but also on other occasions, you make something that can be used as a decoration for a long time. As a birthday present or for hosts, you can make the wreath yourself beforehand or give it away as a complete set. Unlike pictures, this decoration option is easy to place and can also be changed seasonally. It is easy to meet the tastes of many different friends, acquaintances and family members. Unlike the flower gift, the diamond painting flowers stay fresh and in full bloom for an infinite amount of time.