Diamond painting animals



Diamond paintings with animals - a great variant of the relaxing hobby

Anyone who has discovered diamond painting as a hobby will quickly go in search of the right work of art. The size can be freely selected and there are no limits to your imagination and your own taste when gluing the colorful work of art. Animal motifs in particular are very popular and so it is not surprising that many animal motifs for the hobby with tweezers can be found in stores: pictures of cats, dogs, butterflies, wolves and many other animals are available in all shapes and sizes .

What is animal diamond painting about?

Diamond painting with animal motifs is the same as with other diamond paintings. With the tweezers small glittering and sparkling stones are picked up and stuck on the work of art according to the principle of "painting by numbers". The most beautiful pictures and works are created, which are ideal as decoration for your own home or as a gift for loved ones. Animal motifs in particular convince with their special beauty and glitter and sparkle in a wide variety of colors. The type and presentation of animal diamond paintings is also different from diamond painting to diamond painting. There are very realistic motifs that impress with their real appearance. However, motifs that are more abstract or with an artistic touch, or those that glow in the dark and thus give the room they beautify a very special atmosphere are enjoying increasing popularity.

What animal motifs are there for diamond painting?

The selection of Diamond Paintings with animal motifs is as diverse as the animal world itself. Diamond Paintings on the subject of cats feature cute kittens, but also graceful lions and dangerous tigers. Diamond paintings with dogs as a motif show clumsy puppies, sleepy four-legged friends or even grim-looking wolves. For those who like it delicate and colorful, the motifs with colorful butterflies are just the thing. The range of diamond paintings with animals is broad. When it comes to the desire for exotic motifs, no preference is left out here either. There are various glitter pictures with stones in the shape of cozy elephants, majestic birds or colorful - yes, you read that right - zebras that transform your own home into an extraordinary refuge for even more extraordinary animals. The world of diamond paintings and especially animal motifs in diamond painting is incredibly diverse. There is something for every taste.

How varied are animal motifs? What different sizes are offered?

There are classic motifs that convince with their simple elegance and motifs that shout out loud and colorful to the world, what a relaxing hobby sticking tweezers on stones can be. The size of the works of art also varies, depending on your taste, from small eye-catchers to large paintings that tastefully enhance every room, whether your own or that of a loved one.

Are there also special, animal diamond painting motifs?

In order to give the works of art a special flair, there are different versions of Diamond Paintings. Some are processed in such a way that they look like a real photo or even as if a living animal were sitting in the painting. Other diamond paintings are made of special stones and glow in the dark, so that they inspire their admirers day and night and amaze them again and again.

What do you need for diamond paintings with animal motifs?

The good news is: with our Diamond Paintings, all the necessary utensils are already included. In addition to the chosen motif, the package also includes a high-quality canvas that is simply and clearly labeled and thus immediately invites you to stick it on. In addition to the stones, which are supplied in so many numbers that they far exceed the required amount, there is a bowl that makes sorting the sparkling stones easier. Last but not least, the scope of delivery also includes the application pen and an adhesive plate, so that the small diamonds can be picked up and glued on with ease.

Who are diamond paintings with animal motifs suitable for?

Everyone, big or small, old or young, beginner, advanced or professional can create their dream image and stick the glittering and sparkling stones on it. The handling of Diamond Paintings is very easy and suitable for everyone.