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Diamond painting pens - essential accessories

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of stones and colorful motifs, diamond painting pens are an indispensable helper. This tool is ideal for perfectly placing even small diamonds. It's a simple principle that makes crafting fun a lot easier and more precise. For beginners and professionals alike, there are various models to choose from to optimally pick up and place the stones. This makes fine motor work easier at any age and the motif will definitely succeed.

Why the diamond painting pens?

The works of art are made up of a large number of small stones. The larger your motif, the more different colors and individual small parts need to be placed. Good organization and the right tools make preparation easier. Since the diamonds are very difficult to grasp, the pen serves as an applicator. With it, single or multiple stones are picked up and placed on the color fields. In contrast to tweezers, the pen lies intuitively well in the hand and is easy to use. It also often offers the option of changing the function again using attachments. If you decide on a diamond painting picture, you should definitely think of the right pen.

How does the touchdown work?

The diamond painting pictures have an adhesive surface on which the matching color fields are already specified. As with painting by numbers, the stones are arranged according to the given pattern. With the diamond painting pens you can place the diamonds, which are usually made of acrylic, crystal or shimmering rhinestones, accurately. Many of the models work with a little wax. It is used for adhesion and prevents the small parts from falling off the pen or being lost. However, there are also applicators that can do without additional wax. With light pressure you can pick up the diamonds individually and then stick them on. Since the adhesive is on the surface and not on the pen, it can be stowed away easily. It can of course also be used again and again. If you are working on a subject with children or partners, several diamond painting pens are ideal. So you can quickly see the progress of the completion.

What essays are there?

The normal pen for all beginners usually offers an attachment to set a single stone at a time. You should only make sure to place the diamonds with the flat side down. This way they adhere and the picture gets the desired, three-dimensional effect. Double-sided pens are practical. The other side usually has a wider attachment to accommodate a number of stones. This allows you to fill in rows with the same color faster. Especially with large pictures or for backgrounds, it saves a lot of time and fine work if three, five or more diamonds can be set at once. Other designs have one side that works without additional wax and one that is fitted with wax. So you can try out several techniques and choose your favorite.

What else should I pay attention to?

With the variety of diamond painting pens, there are many other selection criteria. However, since handcrafting a picture can take a long time, you should pay particular attention to the shape. An ergonomic design and a soft grip are comfortable to hold. They help to provide better protection against fatigue and tension. Of course, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to optics. Colorful variants or simple plain-colored pens offer the right tool for every taste. In addition to the number of attachments, there are other optional extras. If you enjoy working on diamond pictures in the evening or during the cooler seasons, a pencil with light can be worthwhile. It helps not to lose track of the small parts. Alternatively, you can use a lamp with an LED or even a light and a magnifying glass. However, the diamond painting pens are wonderfully compact and can therefore also be easily stowed away.

Which accessories are useful?

The diamond painting pens are simple and yet ingenious. Almost all models are multifunctional and leave nothing to be desired for passionate hobbyists. But you can also personalize basic versions to a certain extent. Soft pen grips or protective covers are an example. They can be easily pulled up and improve the hold. They can also make uniform pens more ergonomic. Various attachments fit on some models or are even included with selected sets. If you don't want to bend over the adhesive surfaces for a long time, a stand for diamond painting is an alternative. So you can set up the motif at a slight angle and have a more comfortable viewing angle. The applicators will then help to pin the stones firmly so they don't fall off. There is also wax to buy for refillable pens, so that even large diamond painting projects can be completed without any problems.