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Diamond painting lamps

Is diamond painting your thing and do you have a lot of fun arranging small, glittering and colorful stones into a work of art? Do you think that the colorful motifs make a wonderful decoration for your home and can't get enough of lining up diamond after diamond? Are you already thinking of other ways in which you can beautify your own four walls with diamond painting? Then we have a very special treat for you: Diamond painting lamps.

So you will see a light with our diamond painting lamps

Whether as a night light, neon lamp or mirror lamp - with a bright LED, the diamond painting lamps shine the way you want and provide the perfect lighting for your room. You can choose one of the motifs, design the lamp yourself and ultimately have a very special lamp that you can call your own.

What types of diamond painting lamps are there and how do they differ from one another?

You will find three different types of diamond painting lamps in our range: there are round neon lamps, mirror lamps and night lights. All three types run on batteries, so they don't even use electricity. Depending on what suits you best, you can finally choose one of the lamps (or of course all three, because they are all great).

The round neon lamps:

Our round neon lamps offer different motifs to choose from and you can also choose a color for the lighting of the LED ring: pink, white or blue-violet, the ring of light can shine for you. Due to the bright light, the glittering motif you have chosen from the small diamonds comes into its own particularly well. The batteries ensure that a light goes on for your lamp and the supplied USB plug allows you to use rechargeable batteries and recharge the lamp if necessary. The dimensions of the round neon lamps are 20 x 18 x 4 cm and thus provide enough light for a cozy atmosphere.

The mirror lamps:

Our mirror lamps are really versatile eye-catchers. Without light, you can use it as a mirror, for example when you get ready in the morning, put on your make-up, do your facial care or just to see if everything still looks exactly how you want it. But if you switch on the LED, a colorful masterpiece designed by you will glow and sparkle and illuminate the room with a pleasant light. This lamp is also suitable as a night lamp, because its light is neither too bright nor too dark, but just right to snuggle up in bed and feel good.

The night lights:

Our night lights are particularly nice to look at. You can choose from different motifs that make this lamp a very special type of lighting. The special feature here: the night lights are based on the respective motif and shaped as you want them. So put a cute cat or a beautiful unicorn next to your bed and doze off comfortably in the pleasant glow of light. These diamond painting lamps have to be glued on both sides, so that they sparkle and glitter twice and give your bedroom a special ambience. That sounds really great, doesn't it? A USB plug is also included here, so that you can use the lamp both via this connection and simply by starting up batteries.

Diamond painting lamps - is that something for me?

If you love diamond paintings and especially appreciate the decorative component of this hobby, you will absolutely love our diamond painting lamps. They give every room that certain something and conjure up a cozy ambience. Due to their versatility, they can become an eye-catcher in every room and give your home another piece of cosiness. And best of all: none of our lamps neglects the fun of diamond painting. You create your own shining masterpiece.