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Diamond painting for men - just switch off

Diamond painting has already found numerous followers as a hobby. It is an activity for the whole family and for all ages. Many men also appreciate the relaxing activity to switch off from hectic everyday life. Similar to jigsaw puzzles or painting by numbers, it is a creative hobby, but you can still let your mind wander. A finished template serves as an orientation and guide, so that in the end a great picture is always created.

What motives are there for him?

Whether as a gift for men or to yourself, the motif for diamond painting can be selected individually. Your own hobbies and preferences or the respective home furnishings to which the finished painting should fit can help with the selection. Some very typical motifs for men are pictures from the trade, of machines or vehicles as well as of architecture or very typical art prints. From Picasso to Harley Davidson, there is a very wide range of topics.

Likewise, the style can range from photorealistic to abstract. Like paintings with oil or colorful comic drawings reflect different moods. Last but not least, holidays or special occasions serve as inspiration. Whether Christmas, birthday, anniversary or the time of year, there are many seasonal Diamond Paintings.

What details are there?

If you appreciate working with very detailed motifs or if you like to work on logos for brands and lettering, there are numerous templates for diamond painting. Whether from fashion or technology, there are many pictures with symbols or letters to choose from. In fact, the transition to the type of embroidery, i.e. the design on textiles, can be fluid. Since many individual color boxes are used, graphic templates can be broken down well.

Instead of a single cross stitch, the diamonds are set. They have a flat and a curved side. The flat side sticks to the self-adhesive foil, so that each stone is only pressed on. Tweezers also help everyone who has problems with long, fine motor handicrafts. The applicator also sits in the hand like a normal pen and makes working with the small stones easier. Good preparation is half the battle in completing a picture. The individual stone colors can be easily sorted and then applied one after the other. Each color is also identified by a specific letter on the template.

Why diamond painting?

Many men also love creative hobbies. However, many techniques require more creativity or tact. A model, for example, also has to be glued, screwed or put together in some other way. Other designs need even more painting talent or a lot of accessories to be realized. Diamond painting combines fine motor handicrafts, coordination and appealing motifs with an easy-to-understand template. This almost always creates a perfect picture that can easily be hung up as a decoration or given away.

Even so, there is a lot of variation. In this way, already finished sets can be supplemented with another color or special stones can be combined. This enables further effects such as metallic shine or glow in the dark. The picture can also be supplemented with a frame or other extras. Even complete sets offer scope for personalization.

Does it always have to be a picture?

Diamond painting has long been about more than just paintings. The technique with the stones is transferred to many other media. In terms of form, there are no longer just typical image formats. In addition to rectangles and squares, there are panoramas, multi-part images, but also smaller motifs. Many other paper media are used, from cards to gift tags. But similar to Stickart, there are also textile templates. Different sets combine accessories such as cloth backpacks with a small area for diamond painting.

This opens up even more creative possibilities as well as numerous, also very individual gift ideas. Practical everyday objects such as water bottles and more are pepped up with the stones. Once you have got a taste for it, you can use it to experience diamond painting anew in different ways.

How can you still get creative?

For men who would like to be even more creative, the technique of diamond painting can also be personalized. Many motifs from photos, logos, etc. can be implemented as templates with the color fields. There is also a special adhesive film. Individual stone colors or special stones with special surfaces can also be purchased.

If you just want to relax, you can lean back with a complete set. In addition to the tweezers, practical accessories are other so-called boats for sorting the stones. Storage boxes, larger diamond painting pens or lamps help to keep track of things. Thanks to these accessories, the handicraft work is well suited for men of all ages. With magnifying glasses, even small details can be enlarged comfortably and the eyes are not strained excessively. Whether for advanced hobbyists as a challenge or interested men as a gift, the diamond painting motifs inspire everyone.