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Diamond painting light pads - The perfect pad

You can always keep track of your handicrafts with the diamond painting light pads. This practical work surface is not only a good addition for handicrafts in the evening or in the darker seasons. The light panels illuminate your motifs from below and help to position the diamonds optimally. The light does not dazzle and is therefore also suitable for shiny or glittering stones. In this way, you can work in a relaxed manner and the eyes do not have to be strained too much.

How do diamond painting light pads work?

The light plate for diamond painting is available in different designs. Unlike typical work lamps, they illuminate the motifs from below. This reduces annoying reflections and helps to see even detailed images easily. There are many diamond painting light pads with LEDs as a light source. This light is bright and the lamps are sturdy. They also generate little heat, which makes them the ideal work surface. In terms of power supply, they have a lower energy consumption compared to other light sources. Additional functions such as dimmability or different colors open up even more options and settings for the light panels, depending on the version.

Which format is suitable as a light panel?

The choice of diamond painting light pads depends on your motifs. In fact, the practical light sources are also available in the larger A3 format. With the common A4 and A3 paper formats, many diamond painting images are already covered. In the case of larger formats, different parts of the image can be gradually placed on top and thus illuminated. You should always keep in mind that you may also want to put the light table away. A smaller format takes up less space or can even be taken with you on the go or to friends. Compact luminous pads have the great advantage of mobility and can be easily placed even on a small work surface. For ambitious hobbyists or draftsmen and designers, larger versions are ideal to keep track of things. Since you only work on a small cutout with diamond painting and gradually remove the film, the common A4 format can already be sufficient. There are many attractive sets, especially for beginners, so that you can get started right away.

How does the power supply work?

There are different versions of the diamond painting light pads, among which you can find your favorites. The socket as a power source is ideal if you spend a long time tinkering with things. Especially at home at the table it is usually not a problem to plug in the cable. Another possibility are light panels with a USB connection. They can be operated in a number of ways, including using a laptop or mobile power banks. So you stay flexible and can, for example, place diamonds precisely on the balcony, in the garden and more. The additional lighting can be pleasant, especially when doing handicrafts in the afternoon and evening, indoors or when it gets dark early. Even far away from the room lighting, you can set the stones in the handicraft corner or in a cozy place with good lighting and comfortable light intensity.

What other settings are there?

With most diamond painting light pads you can gradually adjust the brightness. Thus, they are well suited for different lighting conditions. At the same time, it can be an advantage to have a higher brightness level available. In this way, even a thick base made of solid material or a canvas can still be illuminated. More options help to choose an individual setting that is particularly easy on the eyes. You can also use the light tables for other handicrafts. The light boxes are a good addition for stencils, drawing, designing and more. With diamond painting, three brightness settings and normal, white light are usually sufficient.

What are the advantages of the light panel?

The diamond painting light pads are a versatile accessory for passionate hobbyists. In difficult lighting conditions, they offer pleasant lighting so that the eyes are less strained. The optimal illumination of the subjects can be helpful not only for farsightedness. Since the diamond painting picture is illuminated from below, even very fine boxes and diamonds are clearly visible. As soon as the stones have been placed, the free fields can also be seen better. In fact, many light tables are now available as sets with additional accessories for the popular diamond painting. The transparent acrylic surfaces are an ideal base and are quite robust. Some light tables are already slightly raised, other diamond painting light pads can be easily combined with stands. This allows you to adjust the working angle and you don't have to bend over your motif directly. Small clamps can be used to fix the template, but removable washi tape is also suitable, for example. Although the principle is simple, the light pads for diamond painting are very multifunctional for detail and handicraft work. They can be individually adapted to the way you work. Also as a gift for new Diamond Painters, the light panels are an accessory that you won't want to be without any more.