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Diamond painting storage

Once you have fallen in love with diamond painting as a hobby, you will notice over time that you are collecting more and more accessories, stones and other materials with every additional motif in your home. With each adhesive surface, more stones are added, and there are also tweezers, sealing, the pen and many other things that you want to stow away somehow. A container in which you can get everything in at a glance, a bowl or even a storage box in which you can collect all your accessories is the ideal solution for you so that the happy gluing can continue.

What are the options for storing diamond painting accessories?

The possibilities of diamond painting storage are as diverse as the hobby itself. There are storage boxes, suitcases, bowls, pouches and bags. There are simple motifs or boxes that glitter as much as your motifs and that help you to get your creative chaos under control at home. But there are also storage options that allow you to take your hobby with you to any place and live it out there, as they are specially designed to safely take your materials with you on the go. There are even containers for the individual containers. You see: there is something for every taste and you are sure to find something.

What are the cornerstones of diamond painting storage?

When it comes to the basic storage of your diamond painting materials, you should first sit down and get an idea of ​​what stones and stones, accessories such as tweezers or glue stick, pressure rollers or sealants you have at home. The small stones fit best in a bowl and to make sorting easier for you, it makes sense to choose a container for each color. In order to stow away the containers and keep them safe, you have the option of buying a large storage box or a suitcase in which each small bowl has its own space. If you regularly pursue your hobby of diamond painting, the boat-shaped storage systems may also be something. Here the stones are stored in various open boats and can be pulled out and used if necessary. For on the go there are practical bags that keep everything you need safe. So, even when you are not at home, you can quickly work on your masterpiece from time to time and then stow everything away so that nothing is lost. All storage systems find their place in practical bags, so that you have everything in one place and have everything ready with one grip. What you ultimately choose depends on what kind of order you are. However, the selection in our shop is so huge that you are sure to find the right organization system for you.

Diamond painting storage - right for you?

If you have just finished your first motif and have found a taste for diamond painting, you will notice over time that the materials and accessories will slowly but surely multiply. At some point you will find that you need a system to keep order. This is the only way you can prevent stones from getting away or mixing with each other, from losing accessories or from losing track of things. Start very small and test which storage system is right for you. With small bowls and containers you can get a pretty good idea of ​​how easy it is to pursue your hobby when you have everything ready with one hand. You can test yourself and decide what suits you and what is rather unfavorable for you. Of course, you can also make the decision for yourself and start directly with a starter set so that you have everything you need to get started.