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Diamond Painting Safari - Exciting wildlife and culture

There are always new motifs to discover on the Diamond Painting Safari. Regardless of whether it is varied landscapes, interesting wildlife or foreign cultures, there are many topics around the continent of Africa. With your diamond painting you can let your thoughts wander and immerse yourself in an exotic world. Whether a typical safari picture with zebra, lion and Co. or an abstract illustration, this world of motifs always has new challenges in store. So the crafting fun remains for a long time.

What is there to discover on the safari?

Everyone knows the typical images of a safari in Africa. Giraffes, zebra and Co. cavort in front of a wide background. A hippopotamus appears at the water or a lion lurks for the next prey. This interplay of different animal species as well as the varied landscape is what makes the topic so fascinating. Especially big cats with their many fur patterns and their good camouflage are well suited for creative work such as diamond painting. They are still demanding even for professionals and can be a time-consuming project, especially with larger formats. Special shades provide more contrasts and dynamics. When it comes to pebbles, it means to keep track of things and gradually fill in all the fields.

What else is there to see besides the wildlife?

When it comes to Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is the safari and the steppe landscape. But this large continent is very diverse and also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Far beyond South Africa, different habitats and animals as well as traditional cultures and tribes inspire. Whether primitive people or still life, many new motifs are opening up for diamond painting. Especially details such as traditional, colorful jewelry or certain flora offer you interesting accents in the picture. So you can use many different stone colors or set effects. Although many animals can also be found in the steppe, other landscapes with rivers or water holes offer an exciting background. You can choose from images that show a wide section or are a panorama, or those that focus on smaller details.

What drawing styles are there?

Each diamond painting safari picture has its very own atmosphere and a special art style. This peculiarity holds the right picture ready for different tastes. Both art prints and drawings such as in oil, watercolor or colored pencil, photo-realistic motifs or collages are ideal to find a suitable diamond picture for your own level of difficulty. From funny and abstract to lifelike images, the representations are very multifaceted. The animal fur in particular is a good basis for handicraft work. Patterned skins are already divided into various smaller areas. So you can very well occupy them one after the other with the stones. In addition to the natural colors, you will also find colorful pop art variants or certain color concepts. This provides even more variety and helps to see boring or already familiar motifs in a new light.

How do I spice up my safari picture?

Even if camouflage is important on the safari itself, the motif can still be highlighted as a work of art with glittering elements. Certain effect diamonds help to create light reflections, glitter or eye-catchers that shine in the dark. For example, the giraffe can be enhanced with golden details or the lion has intense, shining eyes. There are no limits to creativity. As a diamond painting professional, you can even add other stones to complete sets and customize them. Especially in nature with living beings, recordings with movement are well suited. Not only the zebra in the center of the picture, but also a whole herd in motion have a great dynamic. Different incidence of light, swirling dust or similar accents help to bring the motif to life. If you should still come across large, plain-colored areas, the special applicators help to place several stones in a row at the same time. In this way, backgrounds and more can be completed in a time-saving manner.

Are all pictures true to life?

Inspired by nature, but not always realistic, the diamond painting safari motifs are. The topic is wonderfully multi-layered and can also be captured in a more abstract way. Rather dreamy motifs, imaginative backgrounds or the fusion of several animals and details is the right thing if you value creative images. There is just as much choice in terms of formats. Multi-part pictures are well suited for designing an entire wall. Here you have a big project ahead of you that can take many weeks to complete. The result can be arranged as desired on the wall with its three-part or multi-part pictures. Panoramas or longer pictures help to show even large animals such as the giraffe in their splendid size. Apart from the murals, the safari motifs also extend over other diamond painting objects such as clocks and more. So you can experiment with many different shapes and varied handicrafts.