Diamond painting vouchers - the gift idea for fans of the glittering hobby

You know someone who is a huge fan of diamond painting? Are you looking for the right gift, but can't decide on a particular motif? Then you are exactly right here. The gift vouchers can be redeemed exclusively in your favorite shop for online orders and will give the recipient a lot of pleasure. Decide on the amount you want and get the voucher today. Perhaps you also want to make yourself happy or are you waiting for discounts for your favorite motifs and are therefore looking for ways to save? Then do something good for yourself and treat yourself to a voucher for your favorite shop.

Is there a minimum order value that must be adhered to?

The gift vouchers start at a value of € 30, and € 50 and € 100 vouchers are also available. Depending on how passionate the recipient is for diamond painting, you have the opportunity to choose the right voucher. Motifs of all sizes and types are available with our vouchers. If you want to give yourself a gift and are looking for savings in the form of discounts on your favorite motifs, you can simply choose the amount you want and redeem the voucher in the future. Immediate redemption is therefore not necessary.

How can I redeem the gift vouchers?

After you have decided on a voucher, i.e. for an amount over € 30, € 50 or € 100, you put the voucher in the shopping cart, pay the selected amount and within an hour you will receive an email in which your voucher is available in two files is (PDF and JPG). You can print out this voucher and give it away as a gift. There is a code on the voucher that corresponds to the amount purchased. This code can easily be redeemed for one of your next online orders. To do this, simply enter the respective code as a voucher code in a specially created window and the respective sum is deducted from the invoice amount. It's that easy.

Can only the person who bought the voucher redeem it?

Since the vouchers are not personal, you can either use the code for your own enjoyment or pass it on to someone of your choice without any problems and thus have the perfect gift for a true fan of diamond painting.

Do the vouchers have to be redeemed immediately?

No. The vouchers are not tied to a specific period and can therefore also be redeemed at a later point in time in your favorite shop. So if you don't place one or more online orders until a few weeks later, it's still valid. This is also useful if you are giving away the voucher and the recipient cannot immediately decide on a favorite motif. So don't rush.

Is there a limit on the vouchers?

No. You can choose as many gift cards as you want. In addition, there are no restrictions on redeeming the vouchers. All motifs can be purchased from the amount acquired. DIY motifs are also possible. Practical accessories can also be bought from the vouchers - simply everything your heart desires at the moment. There are no fixed guidelines or restrictions.

Diamond painting vouchers - the clever way to give a gift in a nutshell

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is enthusiastic about Diamond Paintings or if you want to give yourself a lot of joy because you are a big fan of the sparkling hobby, our gift vouchers are just the thing for you . We have put together all the advantages for you again:

  • available from a minimum order value of € 30, then scalable to € 50 and € 100
  • redeemable in the long term
  • freely transferable and therefore not personal
  • without restrictions in the choice of motif or product
  • easy and uncomplicated
  • immediately usable

So let's go. The next diamond painting is only a voucher away.