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Diamond Painting Universe - In Alien Galaxies

Close to the stars - with the Diamond Painting Universe you will experience strange worlds and the vastness of space. Whether stars or planets, there is a lot of variety in this topic. There are also wonderful worlds of color that can cover a wide range of nuances in addition to purple and blue. The motifs are ideal if you want to switch off from hectic everyday life. Not only fans of space technology and astrology get their money's worth.

What motifs are there around space?

Our universe is diverse and conveys almost infinite widths. That is why the diamond painting universes are so multifaceted. Small excerpts or large overviews with many planets serve as motifs. So you can find the right picture for a little pastime or for long handicraft projects. Well-known motifs such as the Milky Way show how detailed images can be from the stones. Many small elements create the dynamic overall picture. Above all, playing with the influence of light helps bring the galaxy to life. Many cloud-like arrangements, but also stars, help to make these landscapes interesting even without flora and fauna.

Which colors determine the galaxy?

If you only think of dark tones when it comes to space, you can find many surprises in the diamond painting universe. In fact, the galaxy is more colorful than you might think. Of course, there are still a lot of purple, bluish or almost black details. But there are also many highlights in light tones or yellow and gold tones for the sun or other planets. The diamond color can still be similar for many lots. So it is helpful if you sort and organize the individual stones properly. Several shuttles and possibly also jars or bags for storage help you to keep an overview. The galaxy is really a subject that can also be a time-consuming occupation for diamond painting professionals. Still, the well-numbered templates will help you see progress quickly and complete the picture.

What makes the motifs about the universe special?

In addition to the pure representations of planets, stars and endless expanses, there are also more abstract interpretations. Around the galaxy you will find combinations of space backgrounds as well as other motifs such as animals, imaginative landscapes or other objects and figures. This gives the subject area even more variety and captures different moods. You can also choose your star drawing and make it a diamond painting picture. Diamond colors also catch the eye, and they also glitter. They reflect the influence of light and give the picture an exciting effect. Whether astrology, fantasy, technology or abstract forms, the universe is a complex topic. You will also find many options if you prefer more covered color nuances or are looking for a darker wall decoration. The pictures have a slightly mystical character and invite you to let your thoughts wander while doing handicrafts.

What decoration options are there?

Whether the moon or the Milky Way, the diamond painting universe also has a decorative value. If you are looking for wall decoration in addition to the handicraft work, there are many ideas. In addition to the more standard images with portrait and landscape format, the space scenes can also be used as a panorama. Here you have the option of combining a larger motif from several individual images. This is how you can easily decorate an entire wall. Borders as a border for doors and as a finish are an alternative. They are similar to motif wallpapers, but are also decorated with the stones beforehand. In this way, time-consuming images in particular remain in the memory and in the field of vision for a long time. Pictures that glitter are eye-catching on the wall. Together with suitable lighting, a beautiful effect picture is created. A high-quality frame also helps to set the scene for the motifs. Compared to normal art prints, diamond painting has a 5D effect with a special surface. Just make sure to stick the diamonds on with the flat side.

How can I complete a large motif?

The diamond painting universe may seem endless, but it is still easy to master. Many ambitious hobbyists find good challenges here. It is worth pursuing a strategy to complete even complex images. Preparation is crucial for this. It is best to first check the sets for completeness. Then start with a color and a small section of the color field. The double-sided adhesive film can be removed gradually. So it retains its adhesive strength. With planets and Co. there are many larger color fields. The special applicators help here. For example, pens with attachments and special tools can set a row or circle of diamonds at the same time. This is great for filling in backgrounds and more quickly, yet neatly. If your stones stick together more often, stone separators will help to organize them again. Even beginners shouldn't be put off by pictures that are pleasing but look difficult. Diamond painting pictures are also conceivable as joint handicrafts. Especially in space or a larger wall decoration, two people can work well.