What does Brillify to me?


One of our customers wanted to give her passionate motorcycle riding son a unique birthday present. She sent us a series of photos and gave us the following instructions:

"I know your extraordinary work and trust that you will make something wonderful out of it. My son's motorcycle should be shown on it, as well as himself. Additionally, I ask you to choose a suitable and attractive background. Here are the photos."



The end result was a masterpiece that not only impressed the customer, but also her son. It was a gift that will stay with him forever - a symbol of his passion and his mother's love.


Another example of the excellent work we have done for a satisfied customer: A customer, a mother of three children, told us that all of her children had attended the same kindergarten for a total of eight years. After the youngest child left the facility, she wanted to say thank you very much. She reached out to us because she already knew and appreciated our work. She commissioned us to create a picture that expresses her heartfelt gratitude and shows all three of her children's names. She provided us with a sketch.


This quite inspiring template prompted us to create the following image.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

An enthusiastic family of Borussia Dortmund fans got a new family member. They commissioned us to design a birth table. The following information should be recorded on this board: the child's name, height and weight at birth and the exact time. In addition, they wanted the mascot of the Borussia Dortmund club to be presented in the picture.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

No football fans. But they are passionate members of a motocross club. This family also wanted a birth chart for their offspring.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

A birth chart that we can produce individually for each customer upon request.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

Further examples in the mix... what else our customers wanted:


Our work, individually created for the customer on request

All pictures on which people can be seen are shown here with the express consent of the customers. We ALWAYS handle your pictures extremely discreetly.