Diamond painting clock - creative and practical craft idea

If you are looking for a new creative challenge, the diamond painting craft clock is the right choice. The popular diamonds are combined with a practical wall clock. This creates a practical accessory for the home or a gift idea that you can enjoy for a long time. Finishing it is easier than you might think. Individual clocks for different rooms can be tinkered with in just a few simple steps.

What is a diamond painting wall clock?

The craft technique with the small diamonds already has many enthusiastic fans. Since, similar to painting by numbers, it is quite easy to learn and consistently delivers great results, even beginners love the stones. There are no longer just numerous image formats, but also other objects. Even textiles such as rucksacks can sometimes be decorated with the technology. The wall clock is an optimal basis. The dial itself is a flat surface and therefore well suited for the adhesive film. It can also have different shapes, with the round format being a classic. Perhaps you have already made your own clock as a wall decoration. The completion does not require so much craftsmanship and at the end you get an individual wall clock.

How does the pasting work?

Before you can read the time from your new wall decoration, some handicraft work is necessary. First you choose a motif that you like. You can find almost all of the classics as a watch version. Those who are already very familiar with the technology can use the double-sided adhesive film to prepare their own motifs for diamond painting. Other templates can be easily personalized thanks to digital services. What is decisive is the base that can be glued, so that the diamonds can stick for a long time and securely. With the applicator, the diamond painting pen, the stones are pressed on individually. To do this, make sure that the flat side is on the bottom. You should also sort the different colors in advance in order to gradually complete the motif. It is best to remove the film only piece by piece so that the adhesive force is retained. In this way, the handicraft projects can easily be divided into several shorter sessions.

What else should you watch out for with the diamond painting craft kits?

In order for the time to be displayed correctly, the clock hands are crucial. Since diamond painting is a 5D effect, the top has a certain relief. This creates the typical light effects with the diamond pattern. Therefore, in order to function properly, it is important to ensure that the hands are not too close to the diamonds, but that they can move freely. When traveling back in time with summer and winter time, you can also use it to quickly adjust the time. Most of the complete sets already have practical standard dimensions and are easy to use. It is best to press the stones again before final assembly or weigh down the motif with a book or something similar. So all diamonds have the same height and also stick without any problems.

How do I get the clock to work?

If you decide on the diamond painting watch, you should pay attention to the right accessories. Craft accessories such as the shuttle for stones and the like help when placing the diamonds. However, other extras such as the clockwork are not always included. Nevertheless, you can easily find them in craft supplies, hardware stores and many other places to go. A big advantage is that you can choose your favorite in terms of design. Different clock hands make each wall clock unique and help to take personal style and furnishing style into account. Nevertheless, the diamond painting clock already has a marking to cut out the space for the clockwork.

How do I get a round clock?

For production reasons, you usually get a square clock face. The canvas therefore has a nice standard format that you can also use on the light table, for example. This makes the handicraft work easier. You can do the actual creative work in advance or think about it afterwards. For this purpose, the wall clock is then cut out around the already given markings or prepared in the middle for the clockwork. Even if you change your mind and don't want to have a wall decoration, you can complete the canvas like a regular picture.

How do I add lighting effects?

The wall clock with diamond painting can be individually adapted in various ways. This also includes the selection of stones. In addition to the standard colors, other effects with more intense glitter and other surfaces can be selected. Luminous diamonds that remain visible in the dark are particularly refined. In this way you get a wall clock with which the time can be read even at night. For other clocks in living rooms, you can also think about indirect lighting to put your work of art in the limelight. Since the movement has a certain width, there is a little space for a small LED spotlight or a battery-operated lamp. The diamond painting clock is illuminated from behind and becomes a decorative highlight.