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Just great

About half is finished, but it already looks great.
Size 50x75, square stones and liquid glue, + toolkit

Beautiful, rich colors with little waste (around 20 pieces so far), every now and then there is a thin edge of material attached, but you can easily snap it off with conventional (!) tweezers
To date I haven't had a stone that had a belly or a hollow on the back :)
It feels like the dark stones are a bit smaller, the spaces between them are slightly larger, but you almost have your nose in the picture when you paint *.*

The print is 90% super visible. The symbol $ appears in the picture, if there was another S with a similar color, I sometimes wouldn't be able to tell them apart, the same with I and †.

Liquid glue: Stones hold really well

About the toolkit:
- Sufficient wax
- Pen could possibly can tolerate a cushion
- Unfortunately I can't get warm with the tweezers... when I wanted to remove a stone again, I scratched the surface rather than getting it off, unfortunately I find them too imprecise to use tweezers
- Sufficient resealable bags (I was really happy because as a starter you don't necessarily have an arsenal of cans) ; Since they are not listed in the toolkit, are they always included?

All in all, a wonderful product <3

Just beautiful

The first time I painted with liquid glue, it was just great. If a stone is wrong you can move it very easily. I only paint with liquid glue.

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