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Diamond painting for children - the creative occupation

The glittering stones from diamond painting not only inspire adults, but also make children's eyes shine. Diamond painting for children is a great activity that does not require a talent for drawing. Similar to painting by numbers, a beautiful result is almost guaranteed. Imaginative children's motifs provide even more variety and can then be placed as decoration in the room. The technique is learned quickly and the fun can begin immediately. Regardless of whether you have already completed a diamond painting or the children's pictures are your first project, the entry into this creative hobby succeeds well.

What do parents have to consider when diamond painting for children?

The creative pictures with the little stones are suitable for children from around 4 years of age. The prerequisite is of course that the children's pictures are then tinkered together. With younger children, you should pay attention to the number of stones and their size. Many animal motifs with fewer different colors are suitable here. A little fine motor skills are enough to put the bears and Co. together. Of course, you should always make sure that no small parts are swallowed. If the little ones already love iron-on beads and the like, diamond painting for children is a good alternative. From around the age of 8, larger children's motifs are ideal and offer a nice handicraft project even over many hours or several afternoons. From the well-known favorite comic to photo-realistic children's motifs, there is a diverse selection of images.

Which tools are important for the stones?

In order to keep track of things when diamond painting with children, you should have some organizational aids. Small bowls are good for organizing different stones and dividing them by color. Tweezers and the special diamond painting pen help to place the small diamonds exactly on the given color fields. Somewhat larger tools are well suited for small children's hands. Many sets with children's motifs are already available with a few accessories. So you can get started quickly even as a beginner. No glue is required to apply the stones, as the surface is already self-adhesive. It is protected by a film that you gradually remove. This means that you can make diamond painting for children an activity that is continued over and over again over a long period of time. Containers with lids are ideal for longer storage so that no diamonds are lost.

What are the children's motifs?

When it comes to diamond painting for children, there are actually no restrictions when it comes to favorite motifs. Whether unicorn or abstract dream catcher, many pictures fit well in the children's room. Imaginative characters in particular often have great, intense colors. While parents should pay attention to child-friendly sets that can be easily completed, the children's wishes are also important. This is the only way to have fun doing handicrafts. In the end, you can hang up the finished picture well before the next children's pictures are started. A highlight are special stones with a glitter effect or special colors. They immediately catch the eye and make even animal motifs special again.

Who is diamond painting suitable for?

Not only children, but also adults are rediscovering the creative hobby for themselves. A big advantage of the rhinestones is that anyone can complete the motif with a great result. Neither drawing, painting nor other creative talents are required. Not least because of this, diamond painting is a good start for children. All color fields are already arranged and some are also numbered. The end result can be very good, very simply. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the time it takes. The more detailed the picture and the more stones there are, the longer it will take. Similar to a large puzzle, this special type of handicraft has a very relaxing effect for many. The steady progress over a longer period of time ensures the reduction of stress and gives you pleasure for even longer. You can work on a large picture with the whole family and several children at the same time. This creates a great joint project. The finished children's pictures can be kept as memories.

Why diamond painting for children?

Even if the entry into the hobby may be difficult, successes can be seen quickly when placing the stones. This motivates to keep going. For children, fine motor skills can be promoted by using the tool and applying the small diamonds. You can also playfully teach different colors. The learning factor is even higher for fields that are also marked with letters or numbers. Further ideas, such as counting the stones when presorting, help to make the activity even more varied. In fact, the same applies to adults and grandparents. It is a nice hobby for doing handicrafts together, which can help to promote motor skills, dexterity and concentration. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of children's motifs and start the first diamond painting project together with the little ones.