All questions about diamond painting

As a beginner you should first see whether you like this "craft" at all.

So don't order a picture that is too large, but at the same time make sure that you can see something after the picture has been completed. So a picture with little structure and few colors. It's ONLY about understanding this "craft" first. If so, then you should choose a motif of your choice.

We are happy to help you choose the size. Just write to us.

As a beginner, you should start with round stones. For the adhesive choose "Foil". But the best thing is still: Write to us! You can find contact information on the Contact. Or just click on the Facebook Messenger icon in the lower right corner. We take time for you!

Understand how to read the canvas: 

The canvas consists of small, colorful and numbered boxes, similar to a cross-stitch canvas. 

Each number corresponds to a stone color. 

At the edge of your picture you will find a table in which every number or symbol to be found is listed. 

These are assigned to the corresponding numbers that you can see on the back of the little stone packet. 

Unroll the canvas and place it on a flat surface. 

If the canvas doesn't want to lie flat, roll it up the other way around and then roll it out again. 

Place them on a flat surface and secure the corners with painter's tape if necessary. 

Peel off some of the film covering the canvas. 

Don't peel off all of the foil. 2 to 5 cm will be enough. Run your fingernail along the foil to get a crease in it so that it doesn't curl any further. 

Look at the portion of the canvas you just exposed. 

Find a box to start with and look for the number in it. 

Find the number in the table, then find the parcel with the same number. 

Open the package and pour some of the stones into the bowl that came with the set. 

Lift the foil on the adhesive pad and punch out some of the glue / wax with the application pen. This makes it possible to pick up several stones one after the other with the pen. You don't have to pick up new glue / wax after each stone. Only when the glue / wax no longer absorbs stones. 

Use the pen to pick up a stone. 

Gently press the tip of the pen onto the top, faceted part of the stone. 

Move the pen up and away from the bowl. The stone should stick to it. 

Place the bowl right under the corner of the canvas. This will make it easier to get at them. 

Carefully press the stone onto the corresponding box. 

Take the pen away and the stone should stick to the canvas. 

If you're just starting out, it might be a good idea to just press lightly at the beginning. This way, if the stone slipped, you can slide it back into place and then push it down to secure it. 

It's just like painting by numbers, only you use stones instead of paint. 

Fill in the remaining boxes in this section. 

Always work with one color at a time and, if necessary, punch out further parts from the adhesive plate so that you can continue to pick up stones. 

When you're done filling all of the boxes with the same number code, move on to the next color. This allows you to work faster and be more organized. 

Avoid placing your hand on the canvas. The more you touch the sticky surface, the less it will stick. Remove more of the foil and fill in more boxes. 

Continue filling in the canvas using the same technique as before. Work in 2 to 5 cm wide sections, one color at a time. When you've completed one section, move on to the next. 

Do not remove the entire foil cover, otherwise the glue on the canvas will get dirty and no longer stick. 

This is done until the picture is completely covered with stones. 

 !!! Your work of art is finished !!! 

Don't be surprised, there will be some stones left over as we always make sure that more than enough stones are included in each set. 

Have lots of fun with it. 




Basically, the bigger the picture, the more beautiful and clear the picture will be. But your picture can also be so large that it almost reaches photo quality. But a diamond painting picture is just a small mosaic. So you have to decide for yourself whether you should still see a small mosaic, or whether you want to hang a photo or poster on the wall right away. 

If you are not sure, then write to us. We would be happy to advise you. We also make several previews in different sizes so that you can see how your picture will look later. 


So far that should be enough. But if you are interested, here is something scientific for general understanding:  
In the beginning there was black and white photography. Here a glass plate was provided with a light-sensitive layer. If you now let light fall through the lens by removing the cover from the lens, this light-sensitive layer was partially destroyed and the image resulted (more or less depending on the incidence of light).

The initial attempts did not result in really nice pictures by our current standards. 
But it got better and better over time. 

Then came color photography. (We don't want to explain how this works here), then digital photography and this is where the word “pixel” appears for the first time. 

Digital images are made up of pixels (tiny dots of color). 
Science presents us with ever smaller pixels and thus ever sharper photos. 

As mentioned above, the pixels became smaller and smaller over the course of a long time and the images became sharper and sharper. More and more pixels in less space mean sharper images. This means that even a smaller photo has enough sharpness 

Our diamond painting pictures also have pixels (namely the stones). But we cannot reduce our "pixels" in order to make our image sharper. Our "pixels" are 2,5 or 2,8 mm in size and this dimension will not change either. So we only have the option to change the size of the picture if we want a sharper picture. 

For general understanding, we think that is sufficient. 

We call the toolkit the accessories supplied with the picture (wax, boat, pen). Many customers ask us why we include this every time. That is a good and legitimate question. We think about sustainability and let you choose whether or not we should deliver a toolkit.

We can't really tell you which stones are better for you personally. You have to find out for yourself over time.

Basically, however, the following applies: Round stones are easier and faster to set, but leave gaps because they are round. These gaps are very small and barely visible. However, we always make sure that the print corresponds to the colors of the stones, so that, for example, with a black color, no white background "squints out". In addition (but that is only our personal impression) round stones give the picture a more beautiful structure as a whole.

Square stones are definitely for professionals. When setting the stones you have to pay attention to meticulous accuracy. If you place the first stone offset by only a fraction of a millimeter, the last stone in the row is already a few millimeters away from the point where it belongs.

Therefore for beginners: ALWAYS round stones.

With us you have the choice between conventional adhesive film and liquid glue.

Our adhesive film is 35 cm wide. This means that if a picture is wider than 35 cm, possibly seams between the two foils cannot be avoided. It is also more difficult to move a stone that has been set, but that does not mean that it is not possible.

With liquid glue, the picture is provided with a single layer of glue. There are no seams. The stones can be easily corrected after they have been placed. Bubbles between the print and the glue are a thing of the past.

The liquid glue deserves a special mention here because it is first and foremost quite new, and secondly it is becoming more and more popular. We think that the trend is more and more towards liquid glue.

All questions about the ordering process

We need approx. 3 to 5 working days to process your order including detailed quality control. 
After that you can expect a delivery time of approx. 10 to 15 working days. 

THAT are the delivery times, which we can guarantee to 99%. However, we often have delivery times of around 10 days from placing the order to delivery. 

However, depending on the season (Christmas, vacation, other public holidays or extraordinary events), these times cannot always be adhered to. Then it may be delayed for a couple of days. Exceptional circumstances are always (if foreseeable) clearly announced on our website. 

But you can be assured that we always endeavor to deal with all our customers' needs. 

The delivery times may be delayed for some articles. This is especially true for accessories. But here we point this out again separately for the corresponding article.

We deliver free of charge - worldwide.

In the case of a timely return, we will reimburse you for all payments, including delivery costs.

The withdrawal period is 14 days. Please inform us within this period at kontakt@brilli-fy.deif you want to return goods. 

You can find more information in our Cancellation Policy

We are always in contact with dealers and manufacturers selected by us.

As everywhere, however, "breakdowns" can (fortunately very rarely) occur. Be it insufficient pressure or stones missing. In all cases, we consider EVERY complaint very carefully, with customer satisfaction being our top priority. Complaints are not discussed, but acted, and IMMEDIATELY.

In such a case, please write to us via Facebook. We usually respond within a few minutes.

Your order includes:

high quality canvas that which is marked in such a way that you can immediately see where which stone is to be placed.

The canvas is already provided with the necessary glue.

All necessary stones  in more than sufficient quantity.

1x application pen to pick up and place the stones.

1x bowl / boat to sort your stones.

1x adhesive plate / wax plate to hold your stones.

A detailed Instructions ("How does diamond painting work") can be copied for free in our shop.

Shape of the stones: round or square

Area to be covered with stones: Complete

Didn't find what you were looking for? No problem!

Write to us and tell us which motif you are looking for. We GUARANTEED it. Here you can contact us directly in Facebook to reach. One of our employees will answer within a few minutes and talk to you in real time.

If you don't have Facebook, write us an email:

We always have a satisfactory solution.

All questions about our products

Of course you can. Write to us and talk to us. Or take a look at our past work here beforehand. 

The ordering process is simple and easy. It is also explained to you on our “Personalized Image” page. Nevertheless, you should contact us if you have the slightest doubt or uncertainty. We are happy to help you. In almost all cases there is always something that can be optimized. Be it a post-exposure or the removal of unfavorable shadows or even to determine the correct aspect ratio before people suddenly appear quite bulky or signs of anorexia appear in the picture. See also the point: "How do I choose the right size?"

IMPORTANT IS: People and fonts take up a lot of space. Otherwise there will be a big surprise later and you can't see anything in the picture. In extreme cases, however, we will contact you and draw your attention to any grievances.

Write to us at (link PO Box). We will answer you personally within a few minutes. With a few exceptions, we can also be reached at night.

Let yourself be convinced of our endless possibilities or benefit from our ideas and knowledge.

You can find the explanation for this in our article Personalized picture.

Brillify stands for quality. who Brillify knows, knows that we are a special shop. Many people hang a picture on the wall that only someone can see who knows what should be on it. Strangers often have to guess. The picture is simply too small and quickly disappears from the wall again. That is why we do not offer small pictures. We want happy and satisfied customers who know who their picture is from. Also read here: “How do I decide on the right size?” That's why you belong to our special “clientele”, like many others!

For copyright reasons we are not allowed to offer such images in our shop. But you can ask us to personalize your favorite picture.

Just write to us for this.

We don't lie to our customers.

Therefore: yes! Brillify–Pictures are produced in China. Just like your mobile phone, your washing machine and all the products in your household.

However, we always have our own quality control on site, which constantly monitors the development of our products.

How many colors is my picture? We apologize here. But we will not take part in this “competition”. It's not about who has the most colors in the same picture. Our software always calculates the colors exactly in such a way that an optimal result is achieved. And if an image has 120 colors, then 120 is the optimal number. This applies to 40 colors or 300 colors. But more colors can also mean a disadvantage if, for example, an image was calculated with 100 colors, but we design it with 200 colors. So don't let the information on the colors “lure you” but convince you of the real quality!

About our colors. So that everyone understands why there are green, blue, red or even pink stones in their picture, even though this color is NOT AT ALL in the original picture, here is an explanation: We have 16,7 million colors in our world of colors. Not one more and not a little; a black is not made of black and a green is not made of green, but consists of many small pigments of different colors. More precisely, three colors (namely the basic colors red, yellow and blue) that actually result in this color in the overall picture.


There used to be only black and white photos. A photosensitive plate was exposed here. And here too there was not only black and white, but many shades of gray (depending on the incidence of light that hit the sensitive photo layer)

Then came color photography, there were THREE light-sensitive layers on the film. One layer only responded to red light, the other to blue and the other to glowing light. (again the basic colors) every single layer does not produce a picture. But if you put all the layers on top of each other it again gives the picture. At the beginning these pictures were not particularly beautiful because these layers did not react so sensitively. But over the decades these layers became more and more sensitive and the parts or segments of these layers became smaller and smaller. thus more and more information could be stored in fewer and fewer areas. Formerly in the photo, today as a file. These increasingly smaller areas are the pixels. To complete this topic in this paragraph: The first television sets consisted of a picture made up of approx. 30 lines that represented a picture. The last tube sets had 365 lines (today there are also increasingly smaller pixels)


Now to our pictures and the constant question: "Why are there blue, pink and green stones in my (dog, cat, mouse)? My dog ​​is COMPLETELY black?" By the way ... There is no black in nature. Researchers have been working on it for decades. You come very close. But they haven't made it yet: black is the result of the property that light does NOT reflect or reflect very little. If you manage to invent a fabric that does NOT reflect any light, then and ONLY THEN we get a real black. Now to the pictures and the pixels. As mentioned above, the pixels have become smaller and smaller over the course of a long time and thus the images become sharper . More space ---- more pixels (i.e. more information) ---- more sharpness.


But our pixels are not getting any smaller. Are and remain 3,5 or 3,8 mm in size.

So how do I get my image sharper? Because I can't get the pixels smaller. So we have to give the pixels more space (more space, more information)


And since nature provides us with 16,7 million colors from just three basic colors (red, yellow, blue), we are of course surprised that completely different colors suddenly appear in our dog picture. Fortunately, we have other colors in our pictures ( 447 in number). But all made of red, yellow and blue. Otherwise DiamondPainting would not even exist.

Black is not a color. See under: “How many colors is my picture?” The colors (including black) come together by adding different substances to the plastic. With black it is unfortunately because the added fabric reacts more during production (heat) than other fabrics.

However, we have improved the quality a lot so that the “reject” is hardly noticeable. But our stones are always delivered in sufficient numbers anyway.

All questions about the service of Brillify

You can find our contact details here .

Usually you will get an answer within a few minutes. There may be delays at night. But don't be afraid to send us a message

Our customer service goes further than any other diamond painting supplier. We are therefore of the opinion that we not only have to sell a product, but also offer the customer good service.

A service that naturally focuses on the customer. A service that the customer wants. It's not just about ordering a picture. Have I also chosen the right size, or would the picture be too indistinct because of the size? That is why we can produce a preview of this image on request. Thus, the customer sees what the picture looks like AFTER completion, and can choose the optimal one from the various sizes. Do you want a personalized picture?

Your pet, from your club party, your favorite team? A vacation photo? Your company logo? The possibilities are endless. You absolutely want THAT picture of your dog. But unfortunately there are too many people in the background, or there is an ugly trash can near the dog. We'll remove that. Don't you like the whole background? We put your dog on a meadow, in the snow or on the beach.

Do you have several photos of your cat? We make a single picture out of it. Would you like a family photo? Send us pictures of everyone and we will create a family photo for you. Do you want an old black and white photo of your parents? Is it already 30 years old, wrinkled and yellowed? We'll make a fresh picture of it for you. In most cases it is possible for us to add color to this picture. Otherwise we are always there for you.

Overall, we can say that we try to think along with the customer.

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Brillify offers you the best stones and an excellent print in the highest resolution. At Brillify you have the choice between adhesive film and liquid glue. Brillify offers you a "round the clock" service. You're talking to real people who know what they're talking about. So you are NOT talking to any robots. Brillify creates pictures for you according to your own ideas and wishes.

Brillify is your second home

If your question doesn't appear here, just write to us. We are happy to answer and very quickly. You will never get a robot answer, instead a conversation takes place from person to person.