Ancient cultures

Ancient cultures

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Diamond Painting Ancient Cultures - Discovering Antiquity

The world of diamond painting also helps to discover ancient cultures. Interesting motifs from the Egyptians, the Maya or ancient paintings offer a lot of variety. Somewhat mysterious and yet full of elegance, illustrations and well-known works of art can be experienced in a new way with the help of diamonds.

What cultures are there to discover?

Above all, ancient peoples, whose works of art and architecture have been preserved to this day or have been found during excavations, are a great source of inspiration as diamond painting motifs. The Egyptians in particular are not only known for their buildings, but also for numerous paintings, jewelry, works of art as well as interesting rituals and imagery. Whether it's wall painting in pyramids and temples or aesthetic interpretations of well-known figures such as Cleopatra, Tutankhamun or the Egyptian deities, there are many detailed images to be found.

The Sumerians are considered the first advanced civilization with its own cuneiform script and other important cornerstones of civilization. Their achievements, such as the artificial irrigation of plants or bureaucratic administration, make them a grateful motive for a work of art Sumerian works of art include, for example, many handicrafts or trade goods. These make diamond painting a handicraft with many small details that is fun for many hours.

The Maya have an equally magical flair. The legacies of this civilization can be seen not in the Middle East, but in South America. Impressive buildings, but also painting as well as a separate calendar or an astronomical system make this ancient culture a wide range of topics.

What are the motifs in diamond painting?

The subject of the ancient cultures is varied and always has new picture ideas ready. If you love architecture you will find illustrations of many well-known buildings, ruins and more. Likewise, a mosaic or a certain arrangement of stones can be a demanding handicraft task. If you prefer to work with characters, here are original illustrations and remnants of cultures. Likewise, many artists create magical and mystical interpretations of deities, historical figures or other legends. This maintains a good balance between historical and yet imaginative motifs.

If you have already completed many diamond paintings, details such as gemstones, jewelry and decorations present you with new challenges. The given color fields are still a good orientation to get a real work of art in the end. In addition to people, there are also numerous animals and animal shapes to be found. Not only the Egyptians had many mythical creatures or personified deities. Cats in particular, but also the crocodile typical of the Nile, can be associated with Egyptian culture. Camels in the oasis, caravans and the like create a transition between modern and ancient backdrops. By the way, film fans also get their money's worth. Because some illustrations are more based on the well-known film adaptations or have a more free interpretation of the topic. Many art styles are represented, from realism to sketch.

How is my work of art special?

To upgrade the motifs again, you can use sparkling stones, for example. In this way, precious stones or golden details can be highlighted again. Shimmering, glittering diamonds or diamonds that glow in the dark are the ideal complement to standard sets. The expressive pictures are also a great wall decoration. Complete your works of art with a suitable frame or put it in the limelight with a small spotlight. So you can enjoy the diamond painting project for a long time.

The old cultures are also suitable for everyone who likes to tinker with a specific topic project. You can choose from many similar and related, but still unique and diverse motifs. This is how you discover new aspects, landscapes and details. In the end, a series of images emerges that nonetheless fits together harmoniously.

Which colors are particularly popular?

When it comes to antiquity, many initially think of more muted colors and natural tones. In fact, Maya, Egyptians and Co. present you with great challenges with many more neutral tones. Whether sand or stone, very similar stone colors keep even experienced diamond painters on their toes. There are projects that can be completed over many weeks. The same applies to images with text elements. Not only the Sumerians but also other peoples have many interesting systems of letters and symbols. The fine lines require a lot of concentration until the individual diamonds and create a great overall picture.

On the other hand, there are many intense, colorful accents. Many warm tones, but also strong green and blue create contrasts. Even a purer white can be an eye-catcher in architecture or still life. To freshen up the color palette, you can also add effect stones to the standard colors. This is how you give the motif your own touch. Unique items can not only be created for gifts or home decorations. The magical motifs with animals and more can also be even more imaginative. A special effect is created when working with reversed colors. In this way, lighter or golden contours stand out particularly well against a very dark background.