Diamond painting stones

Diamond painting is all about the little glittering stones. Only with the small diamonds made of rhinestones and acrylic glass do the different motifs sparkle in the most colorful and beautiful colors, depending on the incidence of daylight. The stones are arranged according to stone types or stone shapes and each stone group has its own color number. Our motifs are supplied with so many stones that you have enough sparkling diamonds available and there are usually some left over. In order to store the stones made of acrylic glass in the best possible way, it is also advisable to purchase small boats. Every stone group finds its rightful place here and nothing is lost. In addition, we only use resin stones for your works of art, i.e. those that are made of resin.

Why do we only use resin stones for you?

For our diamond painting stones, we only use those made from resin, i.e. diamond painting stones made from resin. The reason for this is that these are of the highest quality, in contrast to those made of acrylic glass, they glitter more beautifully and sparkle and also feel more pleasant and look better due to their texture. The resin stones have a significantly lower error rate in their production and turn your picture into a wonderfully shiny work of art. If you now want to spice up your desired motif, you can also order rhinestones from us. Again, we offer the high-quality variant: crystal stones and no stones made of acrylic. As already described, it is again due to the quality of the stones, since the crystal stones simply shine and glitter more beautifully and hardly have any quality defects. These are exclusively round stones. If you paint with round stones, this is not noticeable and also with angular stones it is not noticeable, so that the quality of your works of art does not suffer from a mixture of these stones.

Which stone shapes are there for diamond painting stones?

Diamond painting stones can come in a wide variety of shapes, but the basic shapes are square or round stones. With these diamonds you stick to the given motif and receive a work of art that you have designed yourself. The principle is very similar to that of "painting by numbers" and is therefore suitable for everyone - whether beginners or professionals.

Which diamond painting stones are best for beginners? Is there any difference in handling at all?

If you are a complete beginner in diamond painting, round diamond painting stones are best. This is because, thanks to the round stone shape, you don't have to pay as much attention to an exact arrangement as you do with square stones. The square stones have to be lined up evenly and without gaps; this is not so strictly necessary for the round diamonds. It is therefore advisable for beginners to first get a general feeling for diamond painting and to collect practice. When that has happened and you notice that you are confident in handling the round stones, you can slowly move on to motifs in which the stones are angular.

Round stones cannot be lined up flush - can't you see that on the motifs afterwards?

Our motifs are prefabricated and prepared for pasting in such a way that the surface of the picture does not shine through the stones. This means that you really cannot line up the round stones flush with one another, but the background of black stones is not brightly colored or a brilliant white shines through. With our products, you do not have to fear that your desired motif will be impaired by the shape of the stones. In addition, it is often the pictures with the round stones that are particularly beautifully structured when finished and become a great decoration for your home.

How do I best sort the stones?

In our shop there are a variety of organization systems and storage options for everything to do with your diamond painting hobby. Of course, we also have the ideal containers for the small diamonds made of rhinestones and acrylic glass. You can choose between small boxes, bags or boats. The latter are particularly recommended if you regularly do diamond painting and want to have everything ready to hand immediately. This type of classification system makes it child's play to sort the stones according to stone types, stone shapes, colors and color numbers. So you keep track and nothing is lost.

So many stones were left over from my diamond painting. Did I glue too few stones or is that normal?

Rest assured if there are stones left over from your masterpieces diamond painting. We always deliver more than enough small, sparkling diamonds made of rhinestones and acrylic glass with every motif. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, you don't have to worry if you lose a stone, because in the delivery you will find a suitable replacement without the stone being missing in another place. On the other hand, it can happen from time to time that the colors shine or have different effects depending on the production or the incidence of daylight, so that if you do not like a stone 100%, you have the option of using another stone without any problems substitute.