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Complete your diamond painting perfectly

You have completed your desired motif and proudly look at your lovingly designed work of art. It's actually ready to be hung up and become part of your home, but some of the stones don't really want to stick. Unfortunately, that can always happen and it makes no difference whether your diamond painting was cheap or not, because high-quality motifs also make it necessary to press the stones into place. The easiest and very clean way to do this is with so-called diamond painting pressure rollers.

How do the diamond painting pressure rollers work?

The principle of the diamond painting pressure rollers is very simple. You can choose between wooden castors, but a rubber castor also works just as well. In our range you will find everything you need for this: of course, new and in the best condition. The diamond painting pressure rollers are very similar in appearance to paint rollers as you know them from painting and stringing work. As already mentioned, the role itself consists of either wood or rubber. With the roller you go over your diamond painting and can press down all the stones that may not stick properly or that have pushed themselves up over a relatively large area. The result of a flawless diamond painting is achieved within a few minutes and you can hang your dream motif decoratively in the apartment. You can achieve a perfect result easily and cleanly without much effort.

Which material is better suited for the diamond painting pressure roller: wood or rubber?

Whether you choose wood or rubber for your diamond painting pressure roller is up to you and your personal preferences. Both materials reliably fulfill their purpose and, thanks to their smooth surfaces, both are easy to clean if they should be dirty. In our shop you have the choice between both materials and you can choose one in peace.

What size should the diamond painting pressure roller be?

Which size of your diamond painting pressure roller you ultimately choose depends on how big your diamond painting is. If you only have small motifs, a small pressure roller is of course sufficient and may also be easier to handle than one of the larger rollers. If you have large motifs, a larger role is suitable for your works of art. Depending on how strong your love for diamond painting is, it also makes sense to have several different sizes. So you have the right size for every painting. Several roles in different sizes also allow you to test the different materials sufficiently and extensively and to decide on a material.

How do you clean the diamond painting pressure rollers?

As a rule, diamond painting is a very clean hobby, so that the diamond painting pressure roller does not need to be cleaned after each use. If the roller should be dirty or covered with dust, it is very easy and very easy to clean. Both the wooden and rubber pressure rollers can be wiped off easily thanks to their smooth surface and a damp washcloth can easily and safely remove any coarse soiling.

Diamond painting pressure rollers - useful or unnecessary?

For those who love diamond painting and value their works of art in perfect perfection, a diamond painting pressure roller is warmly recommended. Unfortunately, every now and then it happens that individual stones push themselves up and sticking each stone again is often not only laborious, but also a waste of time. After completing your painting, you simply run the pressure rollers over the work of art and everything that was perhaps a little looser will be glued to its correct place. You save a lot of time and get a perfect result within a few minutes.