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Frills for accessories

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Diamond painting bells and whistles - creative little things

If you don't always want to start a big project right away, the diamond painting frills are just the thing. In the meantime, this handicraft technique can be used not only for pictures, but for many objects and accessories. There are also practical accessories that make handling the stones easier for both beginners and professionals. In this potpourri you will find both gift ideas and inspiration to experience the diamonds in a variety of ways.

What accessories are there for the diamonds?

The diamond painting frills are not only decorative, but also include very practical accessories. The so-called shuttles are a must to keep track of things. These small bowls help to sort the stones and pick them up easily with the diamond painting pen. They are suitable for dividing different colors. Especially with colorful motifs, it is therefore good to have several of the boats on hand. The stone separators help to separate stuck stones quickly and easily. These small cans loosen the stones from one another by twisting them so that they can be used again immediately. Laborious manual work with the small objects can thus easily be avoided. Such an annoying work step can be avoided, especially for those who struggle with fine motor skills or are farsighted. So the focus remains on the relaxing tinkering. It goes particularly quickly with the stone wheel. This round applicator is available in different diameters. It is well suited for quickly applying several stones of the same color. Once you get the hang of it, backgrounds and large, plain-colored areas can be completed particularly quickly.

How do I store the wax?

For those who don't use automatic pens, these diamond painting frills are ideal. The wax jars help to store the important wax well and always have it to hand. They are easy to store and easy to set up at the crafting area. So the wax can be picked up directly with the pen and the stones can be placed. Secure screw caps ensure that it does not dry out. So you have something of your materials for longer and can approach the diamond painting picture in peace. Both the wax jars and the pens or boats are available in many colors and variants, so that you can put together an individual diamond painting frills set.

What small projects are there?

With diamond painting frills, the focus is also on interesting and smaller handicrafts. These are ideal for beginners to relax between two time-consuming pictures or for joint activities with groups or children. Pendants for keys, bags and more are a versatile alternative. You will usually find complete sets with chains and snap hooks here. The pendants are grouped thematically and offer suitable motifs for different styles or occasions. The shape is also interesting, as it can vary greatly and thus proves that diamond painting doesn't just have to be angular. Bookmarks are an alternative to this. These sets also have a large selection of motifs and are practical. They can be completed in just one afternoon. Every hobbyist can effortlessly take his own or another pendant or bookmark with him as a souvenir and keep it.

What fancy diamond painting bells and whistles are there?

Since the stones can be attached to a large number of flat surfaces, there are also unusual ideas. This includes, for example, a water bottle that is set with diamonds. These can, for example, have the appearance of water droplets and thus achieve a special effect. This allows you to dare to use original items that are also very practical in everyday life. The pocket mirror is another accessory for on the go that you always like to use. These small everyday objects are also particularly suitable as gifts. You are giving away something that you have made yourself that is still practical and can be used often. In fact, the diamonds are also available for projects with textiles. A backpack in particular offers a large area to attach a motif made of stones. Predefined sets are easy to complete and have all the matching diamonds included. You should make sure that the corresponding area lies flat.

What are the right diamond painting bells and whistles for me?

The other category at Diamond Painting is wonderfully broad. So it always offers you the right thing for beginners and professional projects. The accessories for stones and wax are good for everyone who misses a lot of accessories in the standard sets. Ships or wax jars can be reused for any craft work with diamonds. In particular, you can approach large pictures in a more structured way. The small pendants and special objects combine the techniques of diamond painting with many useful accessories. As gifts to yourself or others, they usually offer creative activity that can be completed in a few hours. In this way you will get a great result even with little patience and effort.