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Personalized Diamond Paintings - The unique gift idea

Regardless of whether you are already a fan or you are trying your hand at handicrafts for the first time, you will find an unusual gift idea with personalized Diamond Paintings. The big handicraft trend impresses with its simple implementation with nevertheless expressive results. As with painting by numbers, the motifs are divided into many small fields. Small diamonds of different colors are simply glued on. Together they create a picture with an interesting look and structure. It gets subtle when you perpetuate your own dedication.

How do I get a unique item?

You can either create your own motif for your diamond painting or from Brillify have it professionally created. You have a very special and unique gift for birthdays, weddings or annual celebrations. You can easily upload your motif digitally as a digital photo and then order it.

It is important that you always ask us for advice before ordering a personalized picture. In this way we can determine the right aspect ratio for you so that your motif can really unfold its full shine. We can also create templates for you that are individually tailored to you.

How does diamond painting work?

Even with diamond painting as a birthday present or as a wedding present, the technology is very simple. Your personal slogan and your motif will be printed on a self-adhesive pad. Different color fields combine to form an overall picture. The corresponding stones are placed in each field, which can be numbered or marked differently. This leaves little room for mistakes and is therefore also a crafting opportunity for everyone who is otherwise not so creative. Many personalizable motifs are also available as a set. For example, the diamond painting applicator or a boat for sorting are already included.

How do I create unique memorabilia?

With personalized diamond paintings you have a unique gift for many occasions. The recipients receive individual pictures and your own message provides a personal touch. Romantic for Valentine's Day or as a wedding present or funny sayings for a special birthday, the possibilities are diverse. Let your creativity run free and use, for example, a diamond painting as an alternative to a boring greeting card. In fact, there are now cards that can be personalized using the diamond painting technique. Especially for Christmas presents, you make so many a little joy and send a card that will be remembered. Even small details or a personal salutation and message make your gifts stand out from the crowd. If you already love handicrafts with diamonds and also like to get creative yourself, you can also buy special double-sided adhesive film individually. With it you create a truly unique piece from your own picture or saying. An ideal challenge for all diamond painting professionals.

Which format is a good memento?

With Diamond Paintings in general, you should make sure that your picture is large enough so that details can really be seen in the picture. The more detailed your desired motif, the larger the picture has to be in order not to appear pixelated. It is best to ask us directly what the best size is for your motif.

Larger motifs can be well suited for wedding gifts or large, festive occasions. They can be used as decoration at the celebration or given away as a community gift by several people. The recipients will certainly be happy that such a large project has been completed especially for them. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the time it takes to create large diamond painting pictures. Particularly with personalized diamond paintings, production times must also be observed until you have your unique piece in your hands.

Do I have to finish the diamond painting?

This question depends entirely on the recipient. Because if the recipient has a passion for handicrafts himself or is looking for a relaxing activity, it can be a good idea to just give away the personalized picture as a set. You should make sure that important accessories such as the diamond painting pen are enclosed directly. It may also be worth checking that the small stones are complete so that the project does not stall. Especially as small Christmas presents, the pictures are a nice activity for rainy or snowy days. It's best for beginners to include brief instructions so they can get started right away. On other occasions, a completed picture already shows that you have invested a lot of effort and time in giving away unique mementos.

Which accessories are useful?

If you give away the personalized diamond painting, a suitable frame can be a useful addition. So the finished picture can be safely stored and immediately looks more decorative. It also invites the recipient to quickly set up or hang up the present. If you are giving away the memorabilia to craft fans, you can enclose, for example, a diamond painting pen with a special design, a helpful magnifying glass or other accessories. This can then be used for other projects and is therefore a good and well thought-out extra.