I'm a beginner, what do I have to consider?

Discover your new hobby – without any pressure!

Are you a complete beginner? Perfect! Immerse yourself in a world where...
You can let your creativity run wild, without any stress. Because
For us it's not just about the result, but above all about the fun of doing it.

🎨 Your first picture? Choose wise!

First find out whether the “craft” brings you joy. Begin
small, but make sure that your work of art doesn't end up being just colorful dots
are, but also recognizable. Few colors, clear structures - your way,
to understand the basics. And who knows, maybe your heart will dial in soon
Desired motif for your next project?

📏 Unsure of size? We're here for you!

Finding the perfect size for your image can be tricky.
We will be happy to advise you! Don't hesitate to write to us. Find together
we have the perfect format for your work of art!

🔵 Start with round stones!

For starters there are round stones. But don't worry, you're standing
not alone there! Questions? Insecurities? We are just a message away.

💌 We are here to help you!

You will always find our contact information ready on the
Contact page or simply start a chat with us via Facebook Messenger
Symbol. Your questions are important to us – we take time for you!

Because always remember: every artist was first a beginner.
Your journey begins now and we look forward to accompanying you!

For you as a beginner you can also use our section for
Beginner available. You're sure to find the right picture here. Which one too
will produce a good result.

How does diamond painting work?

Understand how to read the canvas: 

The canvas consists of small, colorful and numbered boxes, similar to a cross-stitch canvas. 

Each number corresponds to a stone color. 

At the edge of your picture you will find a table in which every number or symbol to be found is listed. 

These are assigned to the corresponding numbers that you can see on the back of the little stone packet. 

Unroll the canvas and place it on a flat surface. 

If the canvas doesn't want to lie flat, roll it up the other way around and then roll it out again. 

Place them on a flat surface and secure the corners with painter's tape if necessary. 

Peel off some of the film covering the canvas. 

Don't peel off all of the foil. 2 to 5 cm will be enough. Run your fingernail along the foil to get a crease in it so that it doesn't curl any further. 

Look at the portion of the canvas you just exposed. 

Find a box to start with and look for the number in it. 

Find the number in the table, then find the parcel with the same number. 

Open the package and pour some of the stones into the bowl that came with the set. 

Lift the foil on the adhesive pad and punch out some of the glue / wax with the application pen. This makes it possible to pick up several stones one after the other with the pen. You don't have to pick up new glue / wax after each stone. Only when the glue / wax no longer absorbs stones. 

Use the pen to pick up a stone. 

Gently press the tip of the pen onto the top, faceted part of the stone. 

Move the pen up and away from the bowl. The stone should stick to it. 

Place the bowl right under the corner of the canvas. This will make it easier to get at them. 

Carefully press the stone onto the corresponding box. 

Take the pen away and the stone should stick to the canvas. 

If you're just starting out, it might be a good idea to just press lightly at the beginning. This way, if the stone slipped, you can slide it back into place and then push it down to secure it. 

It's just like painting by numbers, only you use stones instead of paint. 

Fill in the remaining boxes in this section. 

Always work with one color at a time and, if necessary, punch out further parts from the adhesive plate so that you can continue to pick up stones. 

When you're done filling all of the boxes with the same number code, move on to the next color. This allows you to work faster and be more organized. 

Avoid placing your hand on the canvas. The more you touch the sticky surface, the less it will stick. Remove more of the foil and fill in more boxes. 

Continue filling in the canvas using the same technique as before. Work in 2 to 5 cm wide sections, one color at a time. When you've completed one section, move on to the next. 

Do not remove the entire foil cover, otherwise the glue on the canvas will get dirty and no longer stick. 

This is done until the picture is completely covered with stones. 

 !!! Your work of art is finished !!! 

Don't be surprised, there will be some stones left over as we always make sure that more than enough stones are included in each set. 

Have lots of fun with it. 




How do I choose the right size?

Choose wise!

First find out whether the “craft” brings you joy. Begin
small, but make sure that your work of art doesn't end up being just colorful dots
are, but also recognizable. Few colors, clear structures - your way,
to understand the basics. And who knows, maybe your heart will dial in soon
Desired motif for your next project?

(I.e. The Art of Size: Your Image
in perfection

Your Brillify Diamond painting is not just one
A work of art, but a sparkling mosaic that shines on you and your wall
leaves. It is up to you to decide how clear or mosaic your image should appear
in your hands! The larger the image, the clearer and more detailed it will be,
even almost in photo quality.

➡️ Your choice: Möchtest
Do you have a fine mosaic or would you rather have a clear image like a photo on yours?

???? Unsure? We're here for you!
Just write to us! We advise you and create various preview versions
in different sizes to give you a clear idea of ​​yours
to give future image.

💡 Small journey of knowledge: From
Photography to pixels

of photography:
 Originally images were on
photosensitive glass plates were created, with light modulating the layer
and so pictures – initially in black and white – were created.

for color photography:
Advances added color images, but the real leap occurred
with digital photography.

Age of Pixels:

Digital images consist of countless pixels, tiny dots of color
form a whole. Over time, these pixels became smaller and smaller
enabled sharper images, even in small spaces.

Our Brillify Diamond painting pictures consist
also made of “pixels” - the stones. These have fixed sizes (2,5
or 2,8 mm) and cannot be reduced in size to increase image sharpness.
Therefore, the key to sharpness lies in the size of the overall image!

💎 Your diamond painting:
Fixed pixels, variable size

Our “pixel” stones do not change size.
So if we want sharper images, our only option is to use larger formats.

For now, this should broaden your horizons a bit
have! If you would like to find out more or support with your choice
If you need it, we are just a message away.

Glittering greetings and have fun creating your work of art! 🌟

Unsure of size?

We're here for you!

Finding the perfect size for your image can be tricky.
We will be happy to advise you! Don't hesitate to write to us. Find together
we have the perfect format for your work of art!

We will create previews of your desired picture in different sizes so that you can see what your picture will look like on the wall later.

What is a toolkit?

We call the toolkit the accessories supplied with the picture (wax, boat, pen). Many customers ask us why we include this every time. That is a good and legitimate question. We think about sustainability and let you choose whether or not we should deliver a toolkit.


Round or square stones?

Discover your perfect stones with us!

We can't wait to join you on your creative journey
accompany! Although we can't say exactly which stones make your heart grow fonder
we have a little guide for you.

Wonderful world of rounds
 They are lightweight and super easy to put! Yes, they are round
and small gaps may arise - but don't worry! These are not
visible and we always ensure that the colors match precisely
are coordinated. This means that a black stone does not have a white background
shine through. And a little insider tip: Many people find that round stones...
give the entire image a more harmonious structure.

The adventure of the square ones
 These are for the professionals among you! Absolute precision is
needed to position square stones perfectly. A tiny mistake on
The beginning can have an impact right down to the last stone. But if you...
If you love a challenge, you will experience breathtaking precision
End result rewarded!

For all beginners among you: We recommend starting with the
round stones and immerse yourself in the sparkling world of creativity.


Liquid glue or adhesive film?

Ignite your creativity with your choice of
perfect glue!

With us you are the artist and we offer you the canvas! If
Choose our tried and tested adhesive film or the innovative liquid adhesive
you decide – your masterpiece is waiting to be created by you!

Traditional adhesive film: With a width of
At 35 cm, it offers a solid base for your works of art. For pictures that...
are wider, you have to expect seams between the films, but that
Does not reduce the shine of your finished work! Move stones? Something
tricky, but absolutely doable with a little skill!

Innovative liquid glue: Say goodbye to seams
and welcome to seamless beauty! A picture, a layer of glue - and that
Freedom to adjust stones easily. And bubbles? They are history! The
Liquid glue is not only a fresh innovation, but it is evolving
also quickly becoming the favorite of many artists like you. We are excited about
his potential and firmly believe that he is the future of creativity
creativity shapes.

Which type of glue appeals to you more? No matter which one
Method Your heart beats, with us you will find everything you need to bring your vision to life
to awaken!

All questions about the ordering process

What are the delivery times?

Get to your work of art faster – ours
Delivery times surprise!

We know the anticipation when creativity is bubbling and that
Waiting for material becomes almost unbearable!

Each item is made by selected manufacturers. In order to always offer the best quality, we work with various manufacturers from different parts of the world. Therefore, our delivery times vary between one and three weeks.

But we also ask for your understanding if it is seasonal or
In the event of exceptional events, slight delays sometimes occur
can. But don't worry: if it happens, we will always inform you
proactive and clearly visible on our site.

Rest assured, your creative projects are sacred to us! We
do everything we can to get your materials on their way to you as quickly as possible
to send. For some items, especially accessories, there may sometimes be a
take a little bit longer - but here too we will always advise you separately
and in a timely manner.

Ready to let your creative ideas flow? You are with us
just a click and a short wait away!

How much are the shipping costs?

Look forward to free delivery – everywhere
on our wonderful planet!

No matter where your creative oasis is: we will bring your order
to you free of charge – worldwide! Enjoy our all-round, worry-free shipping
and let your inspiration travel with our products, without
additional costs. Wherever you are, your art knows no boundaries and
We support you in making every little stone, every idea come true –
without shipping costs, always!

Unlimited creativity – even in Switzerland!

Your creativity knows no limits and neither do we!
Enjoy our products in Switzerland too and don't let yourself be taken aback
low customs duties. Your art projects are priceless and so are we
are proud to support you on this journey. Yours is with us
Creative development comes first – small hurdles such as minimal customs duties
shouldn't stop you from creating your next masterpiece!

How are the right of withdrawal and return conditions regulated?

In the case of a timely return, we will reimburse you for all payments, including delivery costs.

The withdrawal period is 14 days. Please inform us within this period at kontakt@brilli-fy.deif you want to return goods. 

You can find more information in our Right of withdrawal

How do I deal with complaints?

Your art project deserves perfection – and so do we
are here to ensure exactly that!

Your passion for art and quality is ours
Drive! We always maintain close contact with those we carefully select
Dealers and manufacturers to offer you only the best. But also on the
Even the most colorful palette can go a bit wrong. Be it a pressure that doesn't
is perfect, or that a few stones are missing – we are always there for you!

For us, the focus is on YOU and every complaint
receives our full attention. Because your satisfaction is non-negotiable,
it is our highest commandment. So you can experience an artistic one
Challenge? Don't hesitate and write to us directly: kontakt@brilli-fy.de                                                                                    We'll be there for you in a flash - we usually respond within a few minutes!
Together we will find a solution immediately, because your creativity should come through
nothing can be stopped.

🚀 Direct line to us via Facebook: One click is enough and we are there for you! Our dedicated staff respond within minutes and chat with you in real time.

What does my order include?

Your art set: Where creativity meets quality

There is something in every order you place with us
not only everything you need, but also an extra portion of love
Detail and high quality materials!

 Experience high quality that gives you that
Making placing each stone as easy and intuitive as possible. With
With pre-applied glue, it is ready to sparkle your creativity
Transform art!

 We supply all the colors you need –
and always a little extra to ensure your flow of creativity
nothing stands in the way.

Application pen:

Precision and ease in placing each stone.

 Order is half the masterpiece – keep it
get an overview of your stones with ease.

Adhesive plates:
 So that every stone effortlessly finds its place

No matter whether you choose round or square stones
you decide, your work of art will make any room shine. Every area
the canvas is transformed into a sparkling sea of ​​stones!

Let’s create sparkling moments together – yours
Artwork is waiting to be brought to life by you! It gives you relaxation from stressful everyday life.

My search result was unsuccessful. What can I do?

Find YOUR motif with us – guaranteed! 🚀

Haven't discovered the right one yet? Don't worry, your perfect motif is waiting for you! Just write to us and tell us what art you are looking for. We have it – guaranteed!

🚀 Direct line to us via Facebook: One click is enough and we are there for you! Our dedicated staff respond within minutes and chat with you in real time.

💌 No Facebook? No problem! Your perfect motif is just an email away: kontakt@brilli-fy.de

With us, the search for your desired motif always ends successfully. Your satisfaction is our motivation and your art is our passion!

All questions about our products

Can I have a picture of my choice made that I have been imagining for a long time?

Your dream image becomes reality Brillify! ????

Have you had a picture idea in your heart for a long time? We transform your vision into sparkling art! Of course, we take great pleasure in creating your individual desired image.

💌 Let's get creative together! Write to us directly kontakt@brilli-fy.de and together we will give your ideas sparkling life!

The Brillify Your art dream will become a radiant reality - we look forward to creating it together with you!

We have been professionals for over 10 years in using the most complex image editing programs and can thus create your desired motif. However, we have been familiar with the correct use of artificial intelligence for some time and can therefore put the crown on your work of art until you like it.

What do I have to consider if I want to order a personalized picture?

Your order with us: simple, secure
& always perfect!

The way to your personalized picture is child's play! Also
if the ordering process is already simple and on our “Personalized” page
“Image” is explained in detail, we are always there for you!

🤔 Doubts or uncertainties?
We are just a click away! Any question is welcome and answered by us
answered with joy.

(I.e. Optimize with an expert eye:
We take the freedom to look at your picture critically. Of the
Post-exposure to removing unwanted shadows to determining the
ideal aspect ratio - we optimize as much as possible so that no
Image appears “too full” or “too lean”.

👥 Space for all details:
We attach great importance to the fact that, especially when it comes to people and fonts
There is enough space to make every detail clearly visible. More
You can find out more about this under “How do I decide on the right size?”.

???? We communicate with you: The
We proactively address any challenges or suggestions for improvement
in touch with you to ensure your personalized image is accurate
will be exactly how you imagine it!

With us, your image project is not only in the best hands, it will be
also a shiny unique piece that exceeds your expectations!

Brillify works not with an image generator, but rather do it yourself until your image is optimal.

How can I personalize a picture?

We are there for you – anytime! 🚀

💌 [Write to us]Contact@brilli-fy.de – we will answer your message personally and usually within a few minutes! We are there for you even in the late hours.

(I.e. Endless possibilities await you: Let the variety of our options inspire and convince you.

💡 Benefit from our know-how: Share your ideas with us or let our creative concepts and in-depth knowledge enrich you.

We are more than a team - we are your creative partners on the way to your dream image!

Where are they from Brillify-Pictures?

Already framed pictures and pictures on Plexiglas come from our high-quality European production, where we work with the most experienced manufacturers.

Our canvas pictures are made in our Asian production facility. Thanks to our own constant quality controls, we ensure that these images also meet our high European quality standards.

How many colors is my picture?

The magic of colors in yours Brillify-Picture 🎨✨

We would like to sincerely apologize if the color number
is a detail that you want to know exactly. At Brillify everything is about
an authentic, radiant art, not about the sheer number of colors.

Our software specializes in displaying each image accurately
to calculate the right number of colors to create a harmonious and optimal
to achieve result. Whether it's 40, 120 or 300 colors - any number is that
Result of careful consideration and technology.

🌈 Optimal variety of colors: Whether a
Image is designed with 50 or 200 colors, each of which shines perfectly
Coordinate to bring your motif to life.

(I.e. Quality not quantity: More
Colors don't always mean better images. In fact, excessive
Number of colors disturb the overall picture and reduce the overall impression.

So don't just be guided by color numbers. At Brillify
You can expect a balance that ensures every picture is in optimal light
presented and puts quality before quantity. Convince yourself and
let go of the real one Brillify-Enchant quality!

If you still insist on more or fewer colors, please let us know in the “Comments” field during your ordering process. Write to us how many colors you want your picture to have and we will take this into account!

Why do my stones have colors that don't appear in the original picture?

Discover the magic behind the colors of

Have you ever rubbed your eyes in surprise because in your picture
pink, blue or green stones suddenly flash, even though these colors are in the
The original can't be seen at all? Here's our little color secret:

🚀 A journey through 16,7 million colors:
In our creative world of Brillify let's use every single one of the 16,7
Millions of colors. Every color, whether black or green, is not just “just” that
Color itself, but an interaction of numerous different pigments
Basic colors – red, yellow and blue.

???? The Evolution of Photography:
Think of the black and white photography of yesteryear, in addition to black and white
presented many shades of gray. When color photography appeared, we played
suddenly three light-sensitive layers a roll, reacting to red, blue
and yellow. Their combination conjures up the colorful picture we see.

(I.e. So why pink stones in your dog picture?:
You wonder why your completely black dog suddenly also has blue, pink ones
and has green stones? True black that reflects absolutely no light,
does not exist in nature. And this is how the “black” color is set
of your dog from many different color nuances to create the optimal one
to achieve result.

🧠™ â € â ™ ‚ï¸  Magic of three colors: With
Nature creates a breathtaking palette of just three basic colors
16,7 million colors. At Brillify Let's go one step further and use
447 different color tones for our images, all created from the magical
Basic colors.

So, next time you go through your colorful Brillify-World
travel, remember: every stone, every color adds a special magic,
that makes your work of art shine! 🎨✨

Let's experience the magic of colors together and spectacular
Create masterpieces!

All questions about the service of Brillify

How can I Brillify to reach?

You can find our contact details here.

You will usually receive an answer within a few minutes. There may be delays at night. But don't be afraid to send us a message.

What offers me Brillify?

"Your dreams in color and
Form – We make it possible! ✨

Discover customer service that goes further
Brillify Diamond painting! For us, YOU are the focus because we are more than
only sell one product. We offer you the service you want and

Imagine: You choose an image, but you are unsure
because of the size? No problem! We will create a preview for you so that you
See in advance how your work of art will shine once it is finished.
So you can choose the perfect size in a relaxed manner.

Your wishes are our projects: A personalized one
Picture of your pet, your club party, your favorite team or
an unforgettable holiday photo? We transform every idea into sparkling art!

And it goes even further: a disturbing image
Background? We conjure up your dog or your cat in a flowering meadow
in a snowy winter landscape. Multiple photos merging into one
or an outdated black and white photo that needs a new shine
needs? Let us know and we'll turn old memories into fresh ones,
colorful works of art.

We are more than just a provider. We think with you
with you, are at your side and are available to you 24/7. Because yours
Satisfaction and enthusiasm is our greatest reward!

Discover the endless possibilities Brillify and let us
Bring color into your world together!"

What does Brillify especially?

"Discover your shining world with us Brillify ✨

With us, with Brillify, you don't just get the best stones
and an excellent print in the highest resolution – you get a place where
where your creative visions become reality!

Welcome to your second home, where real life is available around the clock
People with real passion are there for you. Here you talk to experts
their field, never with robots, because we believe that only a personal one
Conversation offers real service.

Dream big, wish colorful! We create images exactly like yours
Ideas and wishes, because your ideas and visions are worth being included
to be transformed into sparkling works of art.

Brillify - Where your sparkling dreams take shape. 🎨✨"

My question does not appear here!

"Can't find your question? No problem - we're here, just a click away! 💌 Just write to us and we'll be there for you in a flash. With us you always chat with real people, never with robots. Because we believe in the valuable exchange from person to person. 🤝 We look forward to our conversation with you!"