Mandalla 01-006-415
Mandalla 01-006-415
Mandalla 01-006-415

Mandala 01-006-415

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You can find the instructions as well as the safety instructions for your diamond painting picture here

You can find what is included in your order here

Your order includes:

  • A high quality canvas which is marked in such a way that you can immediately see where which stone is to be placed. The canvas is already provided with the necessary glue.
  • All necessary stones  in more than sufficient quantity.
  • 1x application pen to pick up and place the stones.
  • 1x bowl / boat to sort your stones.
  • 1x adhesive plate / wax plate to hold your stones.
A detailed Instructions ("How does diamond painting work") can be copied for free in our shop.

    Shape of the stones: round or square

    Area to be covered with stones: Complete

    The most important questions about Brillify and diamond painting we answer you here: Frequently asked questions.

    With us you have the choice between conventional adhesive film and liquid glue.

    Our adhesive foil has a width of 35 cm. This means that if an image is wider than 35 cm, there may be seams between the two films. It is also more difficult to move a set stone.

    With liquid glue, a single layer of glue is applied to the image during manufacture. There are no seams. The stones can be easily corrected after they have been placed. Bubbles between the print and the glue are a thing of the past.

    The most important questions about Brillify and diamond painting we answer you here: Frequently asked questions.

    Shipping & delivery times

    We need approx. 3 to 5 working days to process your order including detailed quality control. After that you can expect a delivery time of approx. 10 to 15 working days.

    Postage and customs fees are our responsibility.
    In isolated cases it can happen that import sales tax is charged.

    This import sales tax is roughly between 3 and 4 euros. This is pre-financed by the transport company. The transport company charges a fee for this pre-financing over which we have no influence.

    To avoid this fee, you can request an "EORI" number from customs. You can do this online. This means that there is no fee for the transport company.

    We assume no liability for any costs incurred for import sales tax, as we do not know in advance how much this import sales tax will be charged.

    The delivery times can be extended by a few working days around public holidays and special events such as Christmas.

    Cancellation & Returns

    In the case of a timely return, we will reimburse you for all payments, including delivery costs.

    The withdrawal period is 14 days. Please inform us within this period at kontakt@brilli-fy.deif you want to return goods. 

    You can find more information in our Right of withdrawal

    The most important questions about Brillify and diamond painting we answer you here: Frequently asked questions.

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    Unique service and quality

    With Brillify you and your wishes come first. Regardless of whether it is a ready-made motif or your own personalized diamond painting. Your picture is created with attention to detail so that you get your very own memento. We are available for you 24/7, around the clock.

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