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Super good quality

Vacation memory

Great advice. A quick offer for an image outside the usual size (80 x 195 cm). After a good 2 months, half of the picture is finished and I am very satisfied. I'm already looking forward to the finished picture, which will one day beautify our bathroom door. Thanks

The lilac bouquet was a gift for my grandma and she enjoys painting it.

Image on plexiglass

First class. The color combination is just great.
The quality is great. Very pleasant to paint.

Price/performance top

For a picture of this size I thought the price was really high and I thought about it for a long time. But it was worth every penny. The colors are so great and painting is really fun and the diamonds are high quality. I'm excited!

First picture on Plexiglas.

It was fun and great to paint.

highly recommended

I get along very well with the liquid glue, I can only recommend it

Bridget T
We recommend

Personalization well implemented, I'm very satisfied again, to recommend again and again

top quality

The crystal stones are of very good quality and simply glitter wonderfully. All stones were fine and delivery was much quicker than stated. Instead of 8-10 weeks I only had to wait 2 weeks.

Beautiful picture! The stones have enough space, it is unbelievable joy to work on them. Everything perfect!!!!

Personalized images

As always, very good workmanship, delivery super fast, 100% satisfied


My Capricorn in 80 x 80 arrived well packed and safe. After a first sighting, all (square) stones are there and I'm really looking forward to starting with the picture * - *

Just great

Working on Plexiglas is great. The quality of glue and stones is just great. Now I'm saving my next big picture too

Everything perfect

From the first contact with great advice, an amazing collage to the delivery of the personalized picture, I can only give one rating = it doesn't get any better. Brillify is unbeatably good !!!

3 series

Gorgeous colors
And great quality

Stones stick very well am very satisfied with everything. Also not a crease in the picture, which was very important to me. Great!!!!!


Super delivery and nice picture

Just great

As always great quality. Working on Plexiglas was great.

Stones stick perfectly and there is no popping out. Excellent

feather dream

Beautiful and great to work with. Stones stick perfectly. Unfortunately, some still have lips or noses that have to be cut off before processing

Dear Ursina, we are very pleased that you had so much fun with the picture. We would also be happy if you would hang a picture of it here, because the motif is so beautiful. As far as the stones are concerned, unfortunately this cannot be avoided 100%, which is why there are always more stones than are really necessary.

Outstanding customer service and superior product quality

I'll use the evaluation of the liquid glue now to give a general evaluation: I already have a lot with me Brillify Bought and I think now they deserve a really detailed review. The customer service is always absolutely consumer-oriented and has always exceeded my expectations. From start to finish I felt valued and well looked after as a customer.
The quality of the stones and canvases I have ordered so far have been simply outstanding. Each stone was precisely worked and of high quality. The canvases were sturdy and the colors came out beautifully on them. It was clearly evident that Brillify attaches great importance to the choice of materials.
Another plus point is the constant availability of the support. Whether I have a question or want to make a change to my order, I can contact support at any time and always get a quick and helpful response. It's reassuring to know that as a customer you can always get support when you need it.
I am particularly impressed by the customer-oriented response of Brillify. When I had a problem with one of my deliveries, it was resolved promptly with no issues. Brillify showed great understanding for my situation and did everything to make me happy. This kind of commitment and professionalism is rare to find these days and deserves special recognition.
Overall, I can Brillify highly recommend. The consumer-oriented customer service, the first-class quality of the stones and canvases as well as the always available support are unbeatable advantages. I will definitely shop here again and am already looking forward to my next orders. Thank you to the whole team for a fantastic experience!

Very satisfied

Suzanne E
Finally some good pictures

I used to do DP as a pastime. The pictures then went into the drawer, were given away or went straight into the garbage because they were just junk. Since I Brillify know, the pictures are worth hanging on the wall. My visitors also say that they are very beautiful pieces of jewellery. Kudos to Brillify! Top quality, best service and always available!

Simply wonderful

I ordered a personalized picture with round stones and was absolutely thrilled with the quality and the fast delivery! The next picture is already in the shopping cart.

That finds Brillify, but really wonderfulify :-) :-) :-)

Everything great

Motif printed very well. The size was ideal.
Stretcher super processing. Gladly again.