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Diamond Painting Keychains - Small but nice handicrafts

Diamond painting key rings are a wonderful introduction to the world of stones. These pendants are small projects that still offer great results. Such a set can be ideal, especially if you want to get to know diamond painting first. At the same time, this accessory has a very practical use and can always be taken with you. It is a nice souvenir of the finished handicraft work and requires less material and time than a large-format picture motif.

What are diamond painting key chains?

These pendant stones combine the popular diamond painting with small key fobs. The motifs are correspondingly small in size. In addition to rectangular variants, you will also find many interesting shapes here. The finished trailers look diverse and offer a suitable design for every taste. Together with chains and snap hooks, you can use the diamond painting key rings as a keychain or as a decorative accessory for other cases, bags, rucksacks and more. Of course, they are just as suitable as gifts and small gifts. So you can experience the fun of diamond painting without having to make a lot of space for A4 or A5 pictures.

What do I have to look out for with the stones?

Unlike the pictures, the diamond painting key rings should be able to withstand a lot on the go. Therefore, when setting the stones, you should make sure that they are firmly in place. At the end of the handicraft work, you can press them all together again. It can also be helpful to place a heavy object such as a book on the table. This way the diamonds are well pressed and should hold accordingly. Many of the sets already contain the most important aids such as the diamond painting pens or the small boats for sorting. In addition to the standard size, some stones can also have special sizes. This helps to give the subject even more dynamism. Before you begin, you should take the time to sort the stones and check for completeness. If this is your first project with diamonds, we recommend a complete set that includes the most important tools as well as the chains and snap hooks.

Who are diamond painting key chains for?

The handicraft sets with the smaller motifs are ideal for beginners who do not yet dare to approach large pictures. They are a good way to get to know the work with the stones first. They are also a little handicraft work for children or for everyone who cannot sit too long on fine motor work. With less expenditure of time, wonderful results can still be achieved. The sets are also ideal for handicraft afternoons or as an activity in bad weather. As a common souvenir of meetings, children's birthdays or simply a rainy afternoon, the trailers offer creative handicraft fun for a few hours. As an accessory, they can be taken with you for a long time and can be attached to many objects. The chains with balls in particular are very flexible. They can be easily opened and closed or removed again. Whether on the car rearview mirror, on bags or as decoration in the room, the diamond painting key rings are multifunctional. As a gift, they are also a craft idea that does not require your own drawing talent.

What are the motifs for the souvenirs?

As with the large pictures, you will find a variety of different themes with the diamond painting key rings. Classic shapes such as hearts, but also colorful butterflies and other animals are popular. Child-friendly cartoon characters or abstract patterns suit many moods. You can also choose key rings for different holidays or occasions. With the stones you will find the typical diamonds or even glitter versions. So the right set can be found for every taste. Gold or silver are usually available for the snap hook and the fastening. Of course, you can also personalize the end result and adapt it to your liking. Other cords or ribbons invite even more creativity.

How does the trailer succeed?

The nice thing about diamond painting is that there are few sources of error. As with painting by numbers, the motifs are given. Good preparation makes the handicraft work easier. The pre-sorting of the stones ensures a smooth process. With the matching diamond painting pen, you place the diamonds on the corresponding field. The pendants themselves already have an adhesive film that is peeled off piece by piece. This is where the stones adhere and can be pressed down firmly again. So the motif gradually fills up. The diamonds have a slightly curved surface, so that a more three-dimensional image is created. Especially with a set with pendants, you shouldn't swap the different bags, but work on them one after the other. The diamond painting key rings are ideal for group work. Usually they are available directly as a set with a flexible number of motifs. Everyone can then take their finished accessory with them or give it to someone else as a gift. It's a lovely gift that can be easily tinkered with by young to old.