Design your living space with diamond painting

After finishing, you can glue these borders to your walls with special paste. Be it as a door frame, as a border, as a wall closure to the ceiling, or as a wall divider.

The border can later be removed without being damaged.

The pictures are only suggestions. We would be happy to design your individual border together with you.
Each border is delivered in pieces in different sizes. (see description).
Glued together, a continuous pattern without seams is created.
You just have to work out how many pieces you need.

Order possibly one more track than you need, because you have to cut at the corners so that the pattern continues to flow.


  • The wall MUST be free of wallpaper residue.
  • Prime the wall with "latex binder"
  • Dilute latex binder 1: 5. (one part binder, 5 parts water.)
    Brush the wall with it and let it dry up.
  • MUST use wallpaper paste "Special"
    Everything is available in every hardware store
  • Paste the border and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Paste the wall lightly and apply the border like normal wallpaper.

Diamond painting borders - the creative living idea

Whether you are already addicted to diamond painting or are just discovering the creative design, the diamond painting borders are a very special eye-catcher. This is where handicraft fun, home decor and individual furnishings come together according to your ideas. This special type of diamond pictures can be used for wall design, over doors, for spatial division and more. It's a trendy alternative to wall decals, and it's significantly easier to work with than experimenting with colors.

Why the borders?

With the diamond painting borders you can quickly spice up any room. They help to visually subdivide large or small walls. The smaller wallpaper borders are ideal as a color accent or to hide a transition. But even somewhat difficult areas such as door frames and passages as well as the end to the ceiling can be made more colorful. Unlike conventional wallpaper, diamond painting has a 5D effect. Special diamonds are used, the surface of which then creates the special structure. In this way, the wall also receives a small relief and, depending on the motif and stones, inspires with its special incidence of light and effect.

How does wall design with diamond painting work?

You can find the diamond painting borders in various typical formats, so that there is a suitable variant for every room. They are continuous patterns that are long and narrow. Therefore, they are very suitable as borders, borders or ends. As with conventional motif wallpapers, the pattern is continuous. So you can put together an appropriate length for your wall. It is best to calculate with a little scrap in order to put the borders together perfectly. When attaching it can be helpful to have a spirit level on hand. So you glue the strips exactly parallel and have a perfectly aligned wall design.

What is to be considered beforehand?

In addition to calculating the borders you need, you should make sure that you have the right accessories. The different diamonds for the diamond painting borders should be complete. It can help to use the diamond painting pens with a wider applicator, especially with patterns. You can usually place five stones at the same time and save a lot of time. The wallpaper borders are good for everyone who wants a larger diamond painting project. Flowers or elaborate patterns in particular can take some time to complete. So you have a longer design project, the result of which you can enjoy for a long time. Since it is best to complete all the borders first, also consider a good storage location. It is practical if you can lay down the diamond painting borders flat again and possibly weigh them down with books or the like. So the stones are pressed firmly.

How do I glue diamond painting borders?

The patterns of the borders are continuous and can be strung together like patterned wallpaper. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be necessary to trim them a little. This works well before the stones are glued. A latex binder helps when actually sticking it to the wall. It is attached to the clean wall and needs to dry. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the correct dilution. A special wallpaper paste is ideal for gluing the diamond painting borders in place. It has a good shelf life and is still easy to use. You can also find this type of glue in the hardware store. In fact, the trims are applied no differently than other wall decals or wallpaper. Therefore, you don't have to be a professional to get this wall design right.

How do I get the diamond painting borders off again?

Regardless of whether it's moving, renovating or simply changing the wallpaper with a new wall design, you don't just have to part with your lovingly designed diamond painting borders. In fact, many manufacturers promise that the wall decoration can be easily removed. It is best to also pay attention to notes on the paste in order to achieve the best possible results. So your work in placing the stones has not been in vain. With the diamond painting borders you can enjoy your handicraft work for a long time and at the same time you are not dependent on a permanent wall design.

What are the motives?

Continuous patterns are particularly suitable for wall decoration. Flowers, maritime motifs, but also abstract shapes are timeless and go well with many furnishing styles. A simple room can be freshened up so quickly. In addition to the variants, which are almost identical to other wallpaper trends, there is even the option of personalizing the borders. If you get creative yourself, you can create your own motifs for the stones with the help of the double-sided adhesive film. Another variant is to design the trims digitally and then have them made. In this way you can also determine the degree of difficulty and the time required for the image. Fewer colors help to maintain an overview and, for example, to finish longer rows faster. This way you can see progress quickly and stay motivated with your wall project until the end.